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Wedding Wednesday: Focusing on Fitness

Wedding Wednesday: Focusing on Fitness

T-Minus 6 months until the wedding and it's becoming more and more clear... My regular fitness routine isn't going to cut it.

Call me vain, but I want to look great at our wedding. Like really really REALLY great. Though since I am far from the only bride in history to have this thought, I don't feel crazy or out of touch when I say that.

I tend to keep pretty fit. I eat healthy, get to the gym a few times a week, walk every day and have been maintaining a steady and healthy weight for about 5 years now. Just a few months ago I ran a half-marathon, I'm no slouch.

But here's the thing: I LOVE FOOD, lots of food, all the food... and I also work a job where I'm largely sedentary, with long hours which mean that I'm not able to get to the gym as often as I like. Also there's this magical drink called wine.

My wedding dress will be arriving in late August, and while it's arriving to fit to my size as I am today... I wouldn't be opposed to shedding those last 10 vanity-pounds that stubbornly stay on my body (even if they are completely healthy pounds).

So where does this leave me? I'm a bride that wants to lose a little bit of her healthy weight, to tone up her arms and back to show off in her dress, and feel stunning on the big day.  I'm a woman who doesn't want to lose gross amounts of weight or give up the foods she loves. I know I need to not just train harder, but also train SMARTER to get the results I want.

After reviewing my current lifestyle, I picked 5 areas that I can focus on over the next 6 weeks to start ramping up my fitness routine. At the end of June, I'll likely need to readjust, but in the mean time you'll find me engaging in the following:

1) Portion control, and eating slower

I eat WAY too fast, and as a result I tend to eat more than I should. I need to get better about how much is on my plate, and eating at a pace so that I'm recognizing I'm full long before my plate is clear. That said, I am still planning on enjoying the things (pizza) I love, even if it's slightly less often.

2) More vegetables

This one is so easy, and we hear it all the time, and I even try to practice this... but it's time to up my game! Did you know that on average, vegetarians weigh between 3% to 20% LESS than omnivores? I'm not going full veggie, but I'm definitely going to be upping my veggie intake and decreasing my meat and simple carbohydrates. Abs are made in the kitchen!

3) Less drinking (but not no drinking!)

If you're a reader of the blog, you probably already know that I don't drink Sunday through Thursday (unless it's a special occasion). I find that this keeps me sharper, while also reducing those extra calories from drinking that I don't need. But it is time to start pulling back. In January I went dry for a month (well, NEARLY) fairly easily. Since then I've been taking steps to avoid it more and more, but I think I need to get smarter about how I drink when I'm out with friends on weekends. If I'm having a glass of wine, I want it to COUNT.

4) Jumping rope every day

"What? Seriously?" Yes. Jumping rope can be incorporated into an easy HIIT workout, tones your legs and core (and depending on your intensity, your arms and back), torches calories, and I can do it in my living room while I watch TV.

My jump rope cost me $10, and since I bought it I've been throwing on an episode of Family Guy once a day and jumping rope in my living room. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

5) Hitting the free weights to tone up my arms

Ultimately, whatever is underneath my dress (aka, most of me) will not be seen. I could have 6 pack abs, but other than that the dress will need to be taken in, no one will know. But my arms and back? Those are going to be on FULL display, and I want them to look HOT! I have free weights at home for days when I don't have time to get to the gym, and an app (Jillian Micheals!) that builds challenging and changing routines for me when I'm at the gym so my body doesn't get used to any one thing. 

Preorder your tickets to the gun show! Coming this fall (hopefully)...


With 6 months to go, the main thing here is to get myself into habits that I can continue long after the wedding is over. I'm turning 30 this year and have DEFINITELY been noticing a shift in my metabolism. It's time to start taking my health and my weight more seriously than before, and having a wedding at the finish line is BIG motivation.

So today I am declaring a fitness goal! The starting inches are measured, the weight has been weighed, and the timeline has been set. 

Hopefully by the end of June I'll be seeing progress and can move on to the next 5 things to kick my bridal booty in to shape.

Have you ever had a fitness or weight loss goal based around a specific event? Or a fitness goal in general! Why was it successful (or not), and what tips do you have to send my way!? Let me know in the comments

xxox - Laura



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