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Organization trip of the week - getting your closet organized by function

Organization trip of the week - getting your closet organized by function

One of the big reasons I put organization posts out on Monday is that I really believe in setting the beginning of your week up well to improve the rest of the week.

Hit the ground running, the early bird catches the worm, don't put off what you can do today... any of those other cliches that are ultimately true about getting stuff done.

So when I think about Mondays, I think about getting ready for work. More specifically I think about getting DRESSED for work. All that time wasted in your closet looking for things and staring at your clothes thinking "WHAT DO I WEAR?".

Let's face it, we've all been there.

Last year, I wrote a post about how to get rid of stuff in your closet. In a multi step guide I outlined how to toss what you're not using, make a few exceptions, and turn your closet into a happy place full of things that you love.

Since then, I've received tons of feedback, questions, and sent out several DMs helping people through their own closet reorg. Seriously I think I could help people purge their closets for a living, I LOVE it.

So in the spirit of closet organization and Mondays, I want to follow up with part 2 of my closet organization advice: How to lay out your closet by colour and function so that you could get dressed in the DARK if you had to.

And some mornings, I have to.

Lets start:

1) READ THIS POST - get your closet into a happy state before you start organizing. You'll have less to work with and you get to play dress up (which is always fun)

Once your closet is purged, it's time to start evaluating your stuff! Though I would recommend pulling everything OUT of your closet to put it back in (at least the first time you organize it).

2) ORGANIZE BY FREQUENCY OF USE - Which clothes do you use most? If you work a 9-to-5 and that means suits and blouses, move clothes you wear to work into the easiest to reach spot. I have a deep closet, so for me that's at the FRONT; if you have a wide closet, you'll want to put them dead centre in the MIDDLE.

Everyone has a different daily routine, so if you get to rock your jeans and nice blouses at work, move those to the front. If day dresses are your go to, those should be easiest to reach. However you live your life, make those clothes accessible.

3) ORGANIZE BY CATEGORY - With your day-to-day wear in the most prominent part of your closet, it's time to fill in the rest. If you're filling to the side, start with dresses to one side of your daily wear. Don't just throw them in as "dresses" though. section them into 4 groups: Long sleeve fancy, Short sleeve fancy, Long sleeve casual, Short sleeve casual. "Fancy" is something you would wear on a super nice date night or to a wedding, casual is your run around town dress.

Repeat this step with your other categories. Skirts, shorts, tops. Whatever you hang in your closet, organize it by function WITHIN the broader category and then hang it up that way. 

Where in your closet should you hang these up? it's a good question, and one that requires a little bit of thinking. First thing to note is that if you have sections of your closets that don't go all the way to the ground, don't put dresses there.

If you have a closet that runs horizontal, your most used clothes should be in the middle (see step two), your second most used categories should be on the right, and your least used on the left. Your mind instinctively views things right to left so work with it!

If you have a deep closet, like I do, your most used clothes should be at the front (again, step two), and then the second most used clothes behind it. For example, the very last item hanging in my closet is a garment bag filled with my NICEST dresses. They don't get a lot of screen time so I just keep them back there out of the way until I need them.

4) COLOUR CODE - The final step is pretty fun! Within each category you should colour code your items. I like to start with white and work up to black (whites, yellows, greens, blues, purples, reds, blacks). Why that order? It works for me, and I tend to wear a lot of white and black so by putting colours in the middle of them I trick myself into picking different things. 

Remember though, you're doing this within the SUB categories, so for each of the 4 dress categories I mentioned earlier, you're going to need to colour code. 

BONUS STEP - RESET! I like to reorganize my closet this way about once a month. this usually comes on the heels of a lazy laundry day where I need to get stuff hung up right before bed, and the stuff is ON my bed which means I can't sleep until it's put away... that's not the time for closet organization.

So instead I'll take a few minutes (seriously that's it) at the end of each month to put my closet back in order. When I reset I usually just have to shuffle a few things around, so there's no need to pull everything out (unless you really need to vacuum in there).


Closet organization is such an easy thing to do, and it makes your life so much easier. You'll know where your clothes are, you'll be able to grab and go when you're in a rush, and frankly it's pretty to look at when it's all clean!

Do you have any closet organizing tips and tricks? Is your closet a happy place or does it stress you out? Let me know in the comments!

xxox - Laura

Organizing your closet by function
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