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Monthly Challenge: Throw Something Out Every Day

Monthly Challenge: Throw Something Out Every Day

One of the outcomes of living through a Canadian winter is that you inevitably spend a lot of time indoors.

Sure, you have all the gear and winter activities are GREAT, but there's something so wonderful about snuggling up with a book and a cup of tea and watching the snow fall outside.

It's February 1st and we're in the middle of hibernation season up here in the great white north. We'll get a few weeks of warmth here or there, and then rush outside en masse for the Victoria Long Weekend in May... but until then I'm going to be mostly inside.

One of the benefits of this is that I'm going to get a jump on my spring cleaning!

After the Christmas Rush and a crazy January, my apartment has seen better days. Not only are we behind on cleaning (I'm now referring to the dust bunnies as Flopsy and Mopsy) but I'm also noticing just how much STUFF is everywhere. 

So for my February Challenge, I've decided to throw something out every day of the month. 

Now, to be clear, when I say "Throw Out" I might mean donate.. but it's not going to be in my apartment anymore.

Challenge Rules

Picking 28 things to discard isn't tough. I could probably open the desk drawer in front of me and come up with 28 odds and bobs I could get rid of right now, so I have a few rules:

  1. Articles of clothing count as a single item
  2. Items from a non-clothing drawer (including kitchen food cupboards) do NOT count as a single item - in this case all the contents must be reviewed for purging
  3. I must discard an item before the end of the day (no bulk purging on weekends)
  4. This is not an excuse to buy more things
  5. I need to document everything I purge (share to stories and keep for end of month review!)

What am I hoping to accomplish from this challenge?

We live in a world where we have too much stuff, and when your apartment is only 800 square-feet, it's easy to become overwhelmed by what you have. It's also easy to hide it away when you have as much closet space as I do...

I'm not interested in being a minimalist, but that doesn't mean I can't cut back. I need to start applying my closet purging ritual to all areas of my home.

By the end of February I'm want to have reduced the volume of STUFF in my home. My hope is that by focusing on a single item, or a single area every day, I can be more thoughtful about what it's time to let go of, and consider what I actually NEED.

Interested in some February clean up? Share your progress in your Instagram Stories and tag me @successandmesses or #FebruaryCleanUp!

xxox, Laura

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