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Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide!

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Guide!

HOW are there only 10 days until Christmas? 

I mean it, how? I feel like just a second ago it was thanksgiving and we had WEEKS to trim the tree, wrap the gifts, and make merry! 

Well, here we all are, and if you’re like me and have a few more gifts to shop for you might be feeling some pressure.

Luckily, I got you covered!!! Forget gifts tailored for your dad, your boyfriend, your grandma; below are a selection of gifts that ANYONE would love to open on Christmas Day, won’t break the bank, and can help you finally FINALLY finish shopping. 

Now that’s a gift that keeps on giving! 


1) Reusable Notebook - I LOVE my reusable notebook. For the person on your list that loves to take notes (or just needs to), connect devices with apps, or has an environmental streak, consider this sweet reusable notebook! I have the Wave (you microwave it and all the ink disappears!) but there are plenty of options

Shop Reusable Notebooks

2) Thermos Smart Water Bottle - Another great app related product, this water bottle helps you track how much water you drink every day. It also tells you cool stuff like how cold your water is and how long it's been since your last drink of water. Hydration is important!

Shop Thermos Smart Water Bottle

3) Hershel Backpack/Overnight Bag - These backpacks seem to be everywhere these days, but they are functional and stylish so I can see why! A sturdy and stylish backpack or overnight bag is a great gift. From weekend trips to gym days, they're dead useful and always nice to receive!

Shop Herschel Bags

4) Phone Accessories - pop sockets, camera lens clips, selfie cases, selfie sticks. These perfect stocking stuffers are great for anyone on your list.

5) 1-Year Spotify or Netflix membership - Spotify and Netflix are the subscription services that run our lives, offering to cover the costs for someone for a year is an easy and thoughtful thing to do that they will appreciate every single day. Netflix and Spotify not options? Why not try Texture, or go old fashioned and get an ACTUAL magazine subscription.

6) Instax Camera - I know these are a few years old, but they still make great gifts. These cameras make great keepsakes and are especially fun around the holidays. Buy it for a friend who loves to shutterbug and then make the most of it on New Years!

Shop Instax Cameras

7) Wireless Headphones - Since Apple took away our beloved headphone jack, many iPhone users are wanting to make the switch to a wireless Bluetooth headphone. And while the Android (and Blackberry?) phone users may be mocking us, even they'll appreciate the freedom that comes with wireless headphones when they aren't all tangled up every time you go to use them!

You can run a pretty impressive range of prices and styles on these, from $30 earbud style, to $400+ over the ear noise cancelers! Research wisely (though I just got these and I LOVE them)

8) A Cozy Blanket - I mean.. do I really even need to explain this one? If you're really not sure of what to get somebody but want to give them something thoughtful, a big cozy blanket to wrap themselves up in all winter long is the perfect gift. Who doesn't want to feel like a fluffy burrito when it's cold outside?

9) BlueQ Socks - I LOVE BlueQ. This company is quirky, makes a great product, and never fails to impress. I've bought a number of things from them over the years, but they make the MOST amazing socks. They're funny, cozy, and last for years. They've recently expanded into men's styles, and since funny and bright socks are having a moment in the sun, it's a great time to pick some up for someone on your Christmas List!

Shop BlueQ Womens or Mens Socks

10) Cocktail Tools - Last but not least, don't overlook a nice set of cocktail tools for someone on your list. A quality shaker, a muddler, a strainer, a great book of cocktail recipes! During the booziest time of the year, all this stuff tends to come in handy. What's more, most people don't go out of their way to buy themselves quality cocktail tools (or certainly not more than a shaker!). Be the hit of every party, even the ones you're not invited to, by wrapping up gifts in this theme!


Whats a gift that you would LOVE to receive this holiday season? Who do you still have left to shop for (let's brainstorm!). Let me know in the comments below!!! 

xxox, Laura

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