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Monthly Challenge: Work Out Every Day

Monthly Challenge: Work Out Every Day

December is here, and with it the unhealthiest time of the year!

The most wonderful, yes, but also the unhealthiest.

Since I have decided to challenge myself to try something new every month, or to try and complete a certain task, December's challenge is going to be all about health, wellness and fitness!

The Challenge is simple and nicely accompanies my 5 tips for holiday fitness:

For the month of December, I will work out every day.


Working out every day doesn't mean that I have to hit the gym, but it also means I have to go above and beyond my regular activity for at LEAST 20 minutes to get my body moving.

Here are my rules:

  • my daily walks to and from the office don't count - BUT a power walk on the weekend does!
  • I don't have to hit the gym, a HIIT workout or some yoga in my living room is fine (as long as I am focused on it)
  • NO BREAKS! The intensity can vary but consistency is the key here.
  • I should try to do the 20 minutes every day regardless and STILL find time to get to the gym (I'm skeptical about this one, but I'll see what I can do)
  • Yes. I have to work out on Christmas.

I'll be checking in mid way through the month to let you know how it's going, and will provide a recap on December 31st! 

Wish me luck!

xxox, Laura

Are you interested in Challenging along with me? Shoot me an email at to workout with me every day! We can motivate each other to complete this challenge!

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