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How to Rosé All Day!

How to Rosé All Day!

You see it all the time.

Photos of a gaggle of girls, smiling and raising their wine glasses filled with pink splendor to the camera, enjoying the sunshine.


But it's one thing to SAY Rosé All Day, and another thing to actually DO it. I mean, can you truly incorporate Rosé wine into every moment of your day for a wonderfully pink experience? 

Can you survive it? 

Can you shake it up enough that you're not dealing with the inevitable sugar hangover?

Well: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! This month I set out to truly Rosé all day. The drinks and menu all inspired by one hashtag to rule them all, and an insatiable love of wine.

Part 1: Breakfast

Rise and Rosé!!! That's the name of the cocktail I whipped up (1 part Rosé, 2 part OJ, and 1/2 part Chambord) to enjoy with my first meal of the day: Pancakes with Rosé syrup!

After drizzling this sweet pink syrup onto my pancakes, I knew I was on to something. And I'm CANADIAN; maple syrup is kind of our thing...

Rosé syrup might be my new thing.

Part 2: Lunch

After pancakes for breakfast (and wine) I felt as though lunch needed to be a lighter fare. A spinach salad with fresh strawberries, goat cheese and grilled chicken sounded perfect, especially after I drizzled on a Rosé vinaigrette dressing!!! 

Pair with a Rosé spritzer to drink (to beat the heat in the afternoon) and you've got a tasty pink lunch!

Shop the look!

The Dress: 

Rosa Paisley Lace Up Shift Dress

The Shoes: 

Paula Mid Heel Sandals

Part 3: Dinner

By now you're several goblets deep and probably craving something a bit more savory for dinner (and likely some heavy carbs!). 

I have to admit, dinner was the most exciting part of my challenge, because it gave me the opportunity to indulge in two of my favourite things: scallops and risotto.

Or more accurately, Rosé Scallops, and Rosé Risotto!

I was so impressed with how the risotto turned out, it really did have the sweetness of Rosé without being overpowering, and the scallops were divine! Plus after cooking you can take the wine leftover in your pan, add butter, and make a Buerre


 Rosé sauce which I INSIST you pour over everything.

And I don't just mean dinner, I mean your oatmeal, your icecream, your popcorn. Just pour it on everything, it is HEAVEN.

Don't forget your wine with dinner!

Part 4: Dessert

We're nearing the end of #RoseAllDay, but we still have one indulgent treat to enjoy! It's finally time to ditch the wine glass (you might be glad to see it go at this point) and to pick up your spoon for some Rosé Sorbet!

This iced treat is quick to whip up (it takes about 24 hours to set) and is the perfect summer treat. Scoop a few spoonfuls into a bowl, grab a spoon, watch the stars come out, and c

heck "Rosé All Day" off your bucket list

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