Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: The Proposal

Okay... here goes... I am OFFICIALLY writing my first wedding related blog post about ME and not about my various times as a bridesmaid
(herehere and here!)
This holiday season has been a bit of a whirlwind, but I've found myself someone's Fiancé so now the story must be told!
So, before we begin months and months of Wedding Wednesday posts together, let's start at the beginning. Let's start with the proposal!
Looking back, I should have caught wise to the fact that this was finally happening when Kris offered to cook dinner twice in one week (very unusual).
The second to last Saturday before Christmas, we had made plans to go to Toronto's Distillery District for our annual Christmas Market date night. Mulled wine, beautiful lights, a cozy dinner and lots of Christmas fun. We were en route and the ring was burning a whole in Kris' pocket... but then we got there and it was SO cold and SO busy. "This is not the place" he decided. 
So we just enjoyed our evening, rummaging through stores and enjoying the lights.
Tuesday night rolls around. The last Tuesday before Christmas. My Uncle had generously given us free tickets to the Bat Outta Hell musical, so we made our way back downtown for another great date night! We loved the show and then stepped out into the night to look at the Christmas Window displays and walk past the tree and skating rink by City Hall. The ring was burning a whole in Kris' pocket... But it also wasn't right, we hadn't had time together before the show, we hadn't really talked all night because we'd been watching.
So we just enjoyed some lights and then went home, singing Meat Loaf loudly.
Wednesday night. Less than 1-week until Christmas, and the man has decided he MUST propose before Christmas and not ON Christmas... so he offers to make dinner (ignoring my "I think I'll make this for dinner" text). GREAT! I love having the night to chill. His plan is to have a cozy night in: it's warm, we're alone, he can control the conversation. Truth be told it was a wonderful date night and the ring was burning a hole in his pocket... BUTTTT it ALSO wasn't right. He'd realized that he shouldn't equate making dinner for me with something so special; he should just make nice dinners for me and have great date nights at home because he loves me, not with a hidden agenda.
So we had a great date night and that was that.
Thursday, we're busy. Friday, we're busy... and now it's Saturday. The LAST SATURDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Kris knows that the following night we will be at our respective parents houses, and therefore not together. This is the last opportunity for this proposal.
He had to work that day, as he's heading out the door I ask him "What do you want for dinner tonight? I was thinking I could make something and we can watch Die Hard or something"... "NO! I want to make dinner". A weird reaction since I had the day off to do whatever I wanted and he had to work until 5... but I wasn't going to pass up on another delicious not-cooked-by-me meal (again... this should have been my clue)
5 o'clock rolls around and the text comes in "I didn't have time to think about dinner, Date Night?"... And I very nearly ruined everything by saying "I'll whip something up" but instead I decided that he had said he would cook, and it's his own stupid fault he didn't think of anything, and that he could take me out for Chicken and Waffles at one of our favourite neighbourhood spots.
Little did I know this had been his plan the whole time.
So we get to Door55, and we order our Chicken and Waffles and have an amazing night. The place is nice and quiet (unusual) the staff is wonderful (they always are) and our food is delicious. Over our meal and our beers, we talk about our future. Thoughts on the next year of our lives and things we want to do, concerns and excitements about work, real estate and grown up stuff. We talk about what makes us a good couple, about how we even each other out, about how that's a lucky break because I certainly wouldn't have thought that going in.
Dinner wraps up, and Kris suggests a walk down by the pier. It's snowing softly, the lighthouse is all lit up, it's freaking FREEZING out, and we reach the end of the pier. We're a little tipsy, laughing, continuing on with our conversations, and after about 10 minutes I say "ok, I'm cold, lets go home"
"Ok, but one more thing... would you marry me?"
I picked my jaw up off the floor and said "REALLY?" using a high pitched tones only dogs can hear, and after saying that same word about 10 times and being reassured that yes, in fact, after 4.5 years together, almost 4 years of living together, and about 2 years of me dropping less than subtle hints about what I might like in terms of a diamond, he was asking me to marry him.
So I said yes.
And then we took this drunk ass picture, and I love it.
SO what have I learned in the 5 days that I have been engaged?
Making the decision to not tell anyone until the next day, and to tell our parents in person, was the right call. As soon as you tell people the crazy train starts rolling outta the station. I have been asked the date (uh?) our colour scheme (uh?) who our bridal party is (uh?) and what my dress will look like (uh?). These answer to these questions are starting to come together, but I am so happy that our first night as a newly engaged couple was all ours.
Wedding Wednesdays are going to be a regular feature moving forward! I hope you join me in my giddy excitement! It's gonna be a fun, sometimes successful sometimes messy ride, and I can't wait to marry my man!
xxox, Laura (AKA: the Bride-to-Be!)

Monday, December 11, 2017

Organization Tip Of The Week: UNSUBSCRIBE For Ultimate Email Maintenance

A few weeks ago, I sat down for an hour at my computer and did something that I'd been putting off for a while:
I cleaned up my inboxes.
I went through my unread emails, my uninspired emails, and emails that I probably should have followed up on. As I went through this process I realized something rather annoying; I get a LOT of spam emails!
It seems every store I've ever shopped at, every online service I've ever registered for, and some places I'd never even heard of want to get in touch with me by email. What's more, because the holidays are here I'm getting MULTIPLE emails a day from the same stores.
I love Kate Spade, but after their 4th email to me on a single day, I was about done.
So I went through the list and started unsubscribing to ALL store-or-service related emails. 
Anthropologie? Unsubscribe.
LinkedIn? Unsubscribe.
How did you even get my email address? Unsubscribe.
The truth is, I never look at any of these emails. The few that I do find valuable I decided to keep up, but I filtered them into their own folder so they stay out of my main inbox.
The result? Well now rather than deleting or "mark as read"-ing upwards of 50 spam emails a day, I'm only receiving emails I WANT to see, have better email inbox management, and better review and response time to emails I actually need.
Spring may be for cleaning your home, but this winter try to declutter your online-life. Unsubscribe from your pointless email lists that just drag down your phone, your time, and your productivity!
And then send me an email at, because I'll actually see it come in and can email you back! 
I promise, no Stupid-Pointless-Annoying-Mail! 
xxox, Laura