TIFF and Tobi Tops, Swamp Monsters and Stilettos

The Toronto International Film Festival is on and all the stars are out!

Every September, Hollywood comes to Canada and we get to enjoy incredible movie premiers, celebrity spotting, and fabulous parties!

Kris and I try to get to a movie every year but it can be hard to get tickets, especially to the films with lots of hype! So when I got tickets to the TIFF premiere of Guillermo Del Toro's newest film through work, we were really excited! A date night was quickly arranged and we were off to see "The Shape of Water"

Knowing we were going to the premiere meant I wanted to look a little more spruced up for our date than I normally would going to the movies. While it wasn't a red-carpet affair and my jeans were totally acceptable, I thought that my new flowing blouse with a plunging neckline added the right amount of intrigue. 

Pair that with my plum coloured bag and my favourite stilettos, and I was ready for dinner and the cinema!

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The Shoes: Similar (DSW)
The Jeans: Levi 311

This blouse is another amazing find from online shop Tobi, and I am just LOVING it! Nights are getting cool in the Toronto area so the long sleeves were perfect, and the cuffs had me feeling a relaxed tuxedo-shirt vibe (is there such a thing?)

As mentioned, the neckline is PLUNGING! Unfortunately double sided tape doesn't stick well to the fabric, so my cute black-lace-and-roses crop top/bralette from Pink made a peek-a-boo appearance from time to time.

Photo shoot in Nathan Philip Square complete (thank you Instagram Husband!) and we were off to Trattoria Mercatto for a fabulous Italian dinner! 

Cue the Chianti! And the delicate dance of trying not to spill red wine and saucy-lamb-sausage-and-olive pizza all over my white top before the premiere!

And of course, the obligatory bathroom pic.

Finally it was time for the show! The movie screening was set for 9:30 and they will NOT let you in late, so we decided to join the line up at 9... unfortunately it was already VERY long.

Oops, our bad. Apparently the trick was to line up  hours early to get the BEST seats, and with free-for-all seating to all those who didn't have priority tickets, being as far away as we were from the theater didn't bode well...

But the line was fun! We played with Instagram, made friends, made movie predictions and generally enjoyed the film festival vibe.

FINALLY we entered the theater, my stiletto-ed feet screaming at me as we raced up the mezzanine steps to find good seats (and we did!). Guillermo and the cast came out to introduce the film, the lights dimmed, and we lost ourselves in the incredibly beautiful film about a Cold War era military facility where a mute woman falls in love with a swamp monster.

No, I'm not making up that plot, that's actually what the movie was about (and it was AWESOME!). I really enjoyed it, and if you love artsy, quirky drama films then you will love this one! 

One of the most interesting things about this movie wasn't just that it was filmed in Toronto, but that parts of it were filmed IN THE THEATER WE WATCHED IT IN! It was a very meta experience to see on screen the same scene I was looking at from the balcony (and the Elgin is a beautiful theater)

As the credits rolled we rushed to our train to head home, my feet now weeping (but still looking fabulous) and ready for a cold soak before bed. 

Film festival success; fashion success; pizza success; a supportive Instagram Husband. What more could a girl ask for on date night?

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