Rain or Shine: Dinner in White!

I love Diner en Blanc.

For the past 3 years I have looked forward to this beautiful event with it's surprise location, and this year was no different. What started as my brother's fiance and I attending together (totally unaware of what we were getting in to) to an ever growing group of women who dance the night away (and more aware of what we're getting in to!) has become one of my favourite nights of the year.

So when I checked the weather the day before the event this year and saw we were in for some rain, I was devastated.

But, Diner en Blanc happens rain or shine! So what's a girl to do but pick up a clear poncho that won't completely hide her outfit and set out into the night in the hopes that we would stay mostly dry.

So what if it rained, we would embrace it and have a blast anyway!

Running late to the event due to a meeting, I coordinated with my group and met them on their way to our secret location (this year: Canoe Landing Park!). The rain was holding but the wind was UP so we were unable to keep up the tent I had fashioned in case a drizzle started.

I was a little bummed about that... but less so once we started setting up our beautiful table and food!!

This year, rather than lug heavy plates (and Diner en Blanc requires a LOT of lugging of plates, cutlery and glassware) we opted for a single tray charcuterie style dinner. Easier to manage, arguably cheaper and more simple to plan, and leaving us lots of room for our glassware (the most important element! WINE!)

We laughed, we chatted, we wandered and stared at all the beautiful table settings and stunning clothes.

Diner en Blanc is ALL about the fashion, there's a competition every year for the best dressed (Male and Female!) and competition can be fierce. Though this year there was no doubt who in the crowd was taking that crown!

While I may not have won a prize, I just LOVED my outfit! I like to try to get a bit outside of my comfort zone for this event, and this year's high legged slit, backless (see: braless) maxi dress was no exception.

Normally a thigh-high leg slit would have me very nervous for an evening of dancing, so imagine how happy I was to discover that the lining of this dress is a ROMPER! All the sex appeal of a bare leg, with the comfort of shorts; perfect for the walking, setting up and dancing required for this event!

Complete with a delicate silver stitching that ran through the dress I was completely in love with it when it arrived.

Buying anything white in mid-to-late August can be next to impossible. Fall clothes have taken over stores, so unless you snag something on the sales rack that catches your fancy (and fits!) you can be out of luck. Add to that Diner en Blanc's strict rules about clothing (ALL white, only white, no patterns) and it can be stressful finding something to wear.

Luckily, I ordered my dress from online shop Tobi, who were not only lovely to work with, but my dress arrived in TWO DAYS! Considering I live in Canada and they're based out of California that's pretty amazing.

Oh, and duties and shipping were covered in the cost (and let me tell you, that's rare when you order anything from south of the border!).

Of course, white accessories are also required, so I paired my dress with my gorgeous Kate Spade bangle and earrings to finish off my look.

So complete with my beautiful dress, fabulous friends and a delicious meal, we laughed and chatted under the darkening sky until about 10 minutes before the dancing began, and then...



Ponchos came out, umbrella's went up, food was hastily covered and camera's stashed away. 

But, whether it was the wine, the atmosphere or the die-hard nature of the people who attend this event, nothing could get Toronto down. So the DJ pumped Rihanna's "Umbrella", we lit our sparklers and then danced the night away with our smeared makeup and ruined hair.

It stopped raining eventually.

Have you ever been caught off guard at an event due to weather? Tell me your story in the comments!

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