Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Life Hack A Day: My Favourite Hacks

I can hardly believe that I've reached the end of my Life Hack A Day Project!!!

It's been one hell of a month, with lots learned along the way, tons of laughs, and some great input from all of you on Instagram who were following along!

For my final week of life hacks, I decided to pick my FAVOURITE hacks. The ones that I most wanted to try, that seemed the most interesting, or that pop up on my Pinterest feed the most.

I am happy to report that this was my most successful week yet! Definitely going out on a high note.

So with that in mind, let's get into these hacks...

June 25 - Fix scuffed heels with glitter nailpolish - PASS

You've absolutely seen this hack before on Pinterest! 

When your heels are so scuffed and torn that no cobbler could fix them, paint on a coat of sparkly nail polish to make them like new!

So I REALLY liked this hack. I have a pair of black, 2" heels that I haven't worn in a while because the heel is scuffed. I already replaced them, but I like to have heels like that on hand for if I'm going out dancing or something and no one is looking that closely at my heels anyway. That way I can get them as gross as I want without stressing.

SO, they were the perfect candidate for this hack! I picked a sparkly red nail polish and did about 3 coats of the exterior heel, right up to the seam of the shoe. While painting was delicate, they actually turned out quite nice and are pretty fun on! I don't know if I would wear them all the time but I would agree that they're rejuvenated and this is a pass!

June 26 - Use an oil and sugar scrub for super smooth legs - FAIL

OK, so executing this hack was pretty funny.

I decided for science sake to apply this hack to my left leg, and shave my right leg normally. Then later that evening I asked Kris to tell me which was smoother (because frankly I couldn't feel the difference)

After asking if I was messing with him, I explained the hack and... he guessed wrong. So much for THAT!

Honestly though, yes you should exfoliate your skin regularly, and before shaving! But I've found the trick to a CLOSE shave is to make sure you shave in the morning first thing (before working out too if you're an early gym rat). Your legs won't be swollen from the day and you'll get the closest shave.

June 27 - Download Jog FM for playlist that fits your run - PASS

I kinda screwed this hack up on the first attempt. I downloaded the app ($3.99) and told it to scan my music, but I don't think it did it properly so my run was playlist-less.

HOWEVER, once I figured out the app, this was a HUGE success! I'm running a half marathon in October so pacing my runs has suddenly become very important. This app allows me to either set my pace (by mile or kilometer) and it will create playlists that match my desired BPM, OR it will select songs based on my pace while running.

Beyond cool and SO happy I downloaded it!

Pro Tip! Set the app to a 4 minute km speed and it will aggregate all your danciest music!

June 28 - Call Auburn University to have all your questions answered - PASS

So I was really nervous about trying this one, mostly because I didn't want to prank call a university (or likely some stranger) with a random question.

But after doing my research and seeing that even OPRAH has called this number, I was all in. I rang up the call desk and instead of asking them a useless question, I asked them about what they do.

They're INCREDIBLY polite, I had a lovely conversation with a young woman who said that if I wanted a quote I could call back at a later hour to speak with a supervisor. She then told me a bit about the help desk history.

The James E Foy Information Desk operates 24 hours a day and will take calls from anywhere in the world. They do their best to answer what they can, either by helping you find it on Google or through their knowledge of the University practices. Through some more research I discovered that they will hang up if they recognize a prank call in the making, but will otherwise do whatever they can to get your question answered!

What a cool resource.

June 29 - Make your pony POP - PASS

So I probably should have tried this hack BEFORE I cut my hair last week. Ah well.

It totally works though. Just slide two bobby pins through the bottom part of your hair elastic to force it upward and your pony will indeed POP

June 30 - Make unpoppable bubbles! - FAIL

Ok, I was pretty bummed about this.

I had a really good week of hacks but this particular one just DIDN'T work, which sucked because I saved it for last.

I actually only managed to get one bubble FORMED, never mind unpopped. We played with the ratios for a bit afterwards but nothing seemed to work.

What a let down!

So what did I learn from the life hack a day project?

After 30 days of hacks, I found that half of the hacks I tried passed (or passed-ish). The other 15 days were a mix of failed hacks, pointless hacks or inconclusive hacks.

For those that passed though I learned some really neat things:

  • I found an awesome website for when my pantry is nearly empty
  • I fixed my comfiest bar shoes
  • I baked a kick ass cake, and
  • I removed annoyingly stuck stickers from all my picture frames, wine bottles, windows... you name it!
I actually was happy at the rate of success (I was expecting closer to 30% than 50%) and, frankly, had a LOT of fun trying some of these hacks! Not only was it fun to execute some of the more ridiculous ones (paint night, vending machine theft, crayon fires) but I really enjoyed sharing them on my Instastories with my Instagram followers

I think my June project was a total success (even at a 50% pass rate!). I have another project planned for July, so follow me on Instagram for all the details!

Thanks for keeping up with my life hack a day project! If you want to read some of the past hacks, click on the images below!