Monday, July 10, 2017

Change Your Perspective: Rearrange Your Furniture!

I don't know about you, but I find can get REALLY antsy in my space.

Sometimes it's due to a sudden change in my life, or upcoming change. Sometimes it's because nothing has changed in so long I'm starting to get stir-crazy, and sometimes it's because I have a lack of creativity in other areas of my life.

Whenever I start to feel like this, I throw on my comfiest clothes, switch on a movie, and move all the furniture around.


Yep. Sometimes I'll look at a room and just think "we need to make changes here, I think we can change the look and feel of this space". Which is how a few weeks ago I found myself on a rainy Saturday afternoon, flipping the side of my sectional that has the "L" shape and completely rearranging my living room.

And while I was at it, I decided to change up my "office" area, and put the leaf back in my dining room table.

And let me tell you: IT FEELS AMAZING. 

I've lived in my apartment for a little over 3 years now, and every 6 - 18 months I switch up the furniture location. This is something I've been doing since University when I rearranged my dorm room furniture. 

In all the time I've been doing this I've had rearrangements that worked, and rearrangements that were aborted half way through because I knew they wouldn't. I've also discovered the following things to be true:

1) Moving your furniture is VERY therapeutic. Like I mentioned, furniture moving tends to coincide with the expectation of change, or lack of change in my life. It's opening myself up to new possibilities by physically shifting my attitude. It's getting out of my head and into something tangible.

Like getting a post breakup haircut, but for your home.

2) It has psychological benefits. Changing your physical space has a lot of impact on how you behave in that space. Much like some people find studying/working in a new location can inspire new ideas, so can shifting your furniture within the SAME space. 

You can improve your creativity by breaking up the monotony.

For example since turning my desk away from my window and turning my back to my living room, I've found that I'm more productive when working from home or working on the blog. I have a more focused and separate area in our main room which means fewer distractions and a better output.

3) Your first furniture placement is probably wrong. When you move into a new home, you tend to put the furniture where it makes the most sense based on traditional home design and room proportions. 

Don't get me wrong, this is still important when you move your furniture around... but you shouldn't feel restricted by it! 

If you haven't moved your furniture in a while, think about how you actually USE your space. Does it make sense for the couch to face the way it does, is it ever awkward, are there areas that are cluttered and others that are unused? Where do you eat/work/rest in your space? I'm betting that if you really thought about it, you use your space ineffectively to how you actually LIVE. 

Sometimes you'll get mid way through a change and realize it won't work. you can always put the furniture back if you don't like it friend! 

Though you may just find it's exactly what you needed.

So tell me, when was the last time you moved your furniture?

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