Little Pebbles - Kensington Market

One of the joys of working in downtown Toronto is getting to explore all the little pockets of the city.

I've always lived close to the city, but not right downtown. So while I had my favourite spots, I didn't know intimate nooks and crannies the way some of my friends did who have always lived in the city.

Since I started my new job in November I've been taking my time to explore. Taking my hour lunch to wander away from my desk and find new shops, cafés and places to enjoy.

A few weeks ago when the weather was finally nice, I decided to make the trip over to Kensington Market.

Kensington market is an older part of the city that I had only ever really been to when visiting a bar with friends. Known for it's unique shops, outdoor markets and eclectic flair, it's actually a Canadian national historic site.

In short, it's a cool place to walk around at lunch time!

There is so much to explore in Kensington, but my most recent find is an incredible Japanese bakery and café that is quickly becoming my favourite lunch-time hangout to unwind: Little Pebbles.

Little Pebbles is right on the border of Kensington Market, so it makes a great spot to grab something and go while you explore, or just hang out in it's pretty, bright, seating area.

Serving up fabulous coffee, matcha green teas, and a small but delicious selection of baked goods, you can indulge yourself in a treat (or two) while you unwind during your lunch hour.

My first visit I decided to sit in, with a gorgeous cup of matcha and some pretty macarons. 

I was in heaven and determined to go back.

Don't you just want to dive right in to that latte?

When the next gorgeous sunny day came calling (and they are few and far between lately!), I kicked off my office heels, threw on my walking shoes and headed back to Kensington Market and Little Pebbles. I was jonesin' an iced coffee and some more sweet treats to get me through the afternoon.

I mean seriously, how pretty are those macarons? They come in Macha, Yuzu, Berry, Black sesame, Sakura, Kurosato & Red velvet flavours!

Little Pebbles also serves up some almond cookies (Dacquoise), roll cake and chiffon cake. Many of the flavours have a Japanese flair that gives a delicious twist to what you might find in your traditional bakery.

Walking back to the office, I enjoyed a feeling that is becoming more and more the norm in my life. The joy of being a young woman working in the city; drinking in all the experiences and tastes that the city has to offer, and dressed fairly chic while doing it!

You better believe I'll be back!

YOUR TURN! What's your favourite way to pass the time away at lunch? Do you have a favourite hang out? Restaurant? Spot to sit and read? Have you discovered something new in your neighbourhood lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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