Monday, June 26, 2017

Life Hack A Day: Too Good To Be True Hacks

I can hardly believe that I'm already wrapping up another week of life hacks! Next week is my last week and I've learned so much.

Mostly that about 80% of the life hacks are total nonsense, but the ones that work are AWESOME.

This week's life hack a day project theme was "too good to be true" hacks. Essentially just hacks that seemed a little weird and a little pointless, but that needed to be tried all the same.

There was fire, crafts, and some (mild?) crime...

All in all, not wildly successful, but a pretty fun week!

June 18 - Crayons as emergency candles - PASS(ish)

If you saw my instastories this week, you'll know that I tried this one a few days late, and that I needed some help from Kris.

After deciding to use the useless white crayon in the box I removed the paper and tried to light it on fire... OK not my smartest move because obviously the paper is what burns.

We managed to get the second crayon lit (pro tip: light the bottom!) and it burned for about 15 minutes. So I'm giving it a pass"ish" because it definitely WORKS... just not for the whole 30 minutes.

The flame is also REALLY impressive. It was a pretty fun hack all together, even if it caused a bit of calamity in the apartment.

June 19 - Tighten a stripped screw - PASS

So here's a confession... I have a weird mix of cookware.

Half of my cookware is beautiful, cast iron skillets, Le Creuset classic red pieces, stainless steel pots and pans... The other half of my cookware is REALLY cheap.

When it comes to breakfast, we use often use our cheap T-Fal $20 frying pans. They actually work really well, except that the handle comes loose ALL the time.

I've tightened the screws so many times they're pretty stripped. So I was really REALLY happy to try this hack, AND have it work!!! Just make sure you use the thick rubber bands (like the kind that come wrapped around mail and newspaper), thinner bands aren't gonna cut it. 

June 20 - Make homemade (if salty) edible paint! - FAIL

For this hack I roped in Kris to help me because I thought he might be jealous if I was painting and he was just watching me craft.

I mixed up the paint, separated it into an empty egg carton, mixed a bunch of colours in each egg cup and bought some cheap canvas at the dollar store.

This paint is terrible. I can see it being great for kids and finger painting because it is edible, easy to make and kind of tactile, but if you're trying to do anything useful with it it's pretty terrible. Also it needs a bit more water than written here.

Here's a treat: enjoy our FABULOUS paintings (Kris' is a portrait of Jonah Hill!)

June 21 - Use citrus to scare off spiders - FAIL

Seriously, this was not a good week for Life Hacks.

I'm really allergic to spiders. When they bite me I swell like CRAZY and it's really really not pretty. I also live by the lake, which means spiders are everywhere.

Usually it gets to a point in the summer where I don't like to use my balcony because there are so many spiders out there. I was really hoping this hack would work...

Unfortunately not only do I still have spiders on my balcony, but I'm pretty sure that if I lived on a lower floor I would be dealing with a pretty serious ant problem right now.

June 22 - unshrink a shirt that's shrunk - FAIL

This one was HIGH on the list of "too good to be true", and it was. Not only did this life hack not re-stretch the t-shirt that we sacrificed to the dryer gods, but it was pretty expensive since you use a whole cup of conditioner.

If you're looking to get a shrunk shirt back into shape, just gently tug at it when it's wet then hang to dry. More often than not this will get your clothes back to how you want them, without wasting a ton of money on hair product.

June 23 - Coca Cola vending machine BOGO - INCONCLUSIVE

So the trouble with this hack is finding a vending machine that matches the description in the picture.

This hack 100% does NOT work with the standard "drop" style vending machines, it must only work with the kind where the bottle travels along the belt to the collection area.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find one of these machines (and I followed up a few leads!) Actually, vending machines in general were pretty hard to find... If you happen to spot one of these I would be really really interested in knowing if this hack works. 

Much like my Apple hack last week I will be on the lookout and post an update if I can hack this hack!

June 24 - DIY speakers - PASS

Please note, I did not spray paint my contraption, it just seemed like way more work than I needed to indulge in.

This hack definitely works! You don't get proper stereo volume, but you definitely get a decent boost. One thing I would recommend is building a little stand on the inside of the paper towel roll to sit your phone on top of. Since the speakers are on the bottom you want to give it a bit of a lift, or the sound will just drown out.

Perfect for camping or bringing with you to the park!

So all in, I didn't have a lot of passes this week. Still though, I had a lot of fun trying some of these hacks, even if I did nearly burn my fingers off on a crayola crayon.

Next week is my LAST week of hacks, so I'll be doing the hacks I'm most interested in trying. A mix of things that I'm really curious about or that I think can really make my life better. I have high hopes!

Got a good hack? Hack me back and share it with me on Instagram, Pinterest or by Email!

Happy Hacking!

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