Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Wine Down


I can't believe it is officially summer! While the weather has been getting warmer for the past few weeks, there's something so wonderful about making it official on June 21st! 

The long hot days, the warm breezy nights, PATIO SEASON!!

So I'm a little excited. Plus next weekend is the Canada Day long weekend and our country is celebrating it's 150th birthday so it's gonna be a BLAST (just wait until you see our family Canada swag!).

With so much excitement coming up and planning to be done I only got one blog post out this week. But that's ok because there's so much on the horizon to be excited about that I can hardly stand it.

So enough prattling on, it's time to Wine Down this week! Grab your vino and let's go.

Father's Day

Last weekend I was up north for Father's Day at our family cottage "Rock, Bought'em" to spend time with my Dad.

We went golfing, drank coffee on the patio, took a boat ride, had a BBQ with our neighbours (it was SO tasty) and capped off the weekend with a visit to my grandparents.

It's pretty rare to get my parents to myself for the weekend, and since my siblings couldn't make the trip it was great to catch up with my Mom and Dad and spend time just the three of us (cue the oldest sibling resentment... I'll never get over it...).

The highlight of the weekend? During our golf game a deer came walking down onto the green and just strolled past us while we played. He didn't seem to mind our chattering or golfing, so I managed to get this great video.

I'm just happy my Dad didn't miss the ball. Oh also it was Dad's birthday yesterday, so if you were wondering why this week was extra awesome it's because my Dad was being SO celebrated that the whole world got extra shiny.

Because he's AWESOME. (And handsome, and funny, and smart, and the best Dad... Dad are you still reading? You're great!)

Run runner girl!

After not much convincing from the Mister, and by extension his brother, I have agreed to run a half marathon in October.

I'm pretty excited to have  goal to train for and to beef up my distance running. Currently I run a 10km (6 mile) fairly comfortably, but doubling that distance scares me a little bit.

Luckily I have until the end of October to get ready, so I have my schedule made up and am already in training mode! Get ready for lots and lots of sweaty Instastories.... 

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Stuff I'm loving!

  • I've recently started listening to the Almost 30 podcast. It took me a while to jive with the hosts but they have some of the most inspiring guests and it's really worth a listen. The podcast is about navigating that precious time between your early 20s and your almost 30s.
  • The new Game of Thrones trailer... I can't even STAND the wait.
  • Princess Kate catching the Duchess of Wessex. This picture is so meme worthy, I can't wait to see what the internet does with it.
  • Mayim Bialik's Vlog, which is amazing, inspiring, nerdgasm inducing, and funny! How did I not know about this sooner?

Stuff I'm considering

Right now I'm thinking about where I might want to go next. I have a career I love and I'm still loving Cook, Wine and Thinker, but it might be time to introduce a proper side hustle to all of it... more on that to come if things start to shake out, but whatever it is will play to my strengths (borderline insane organization).

Other things I'm considering? I'm REALLY enjoying my life hack a day project (check out some of the posts below!) and I think I'd like to continue on with a new project next month. I'm considering a few options, including the below.

  • listen to a new podcast every day
  • throw something out every day
  • wake up at 5 every day 

I'd love your thoughts on which of these you'd like to see me try, or on some other ideas!

What I'm Drinking

A few weeks ago my beautiful bestie had her Baby Shower and I helped out by running a game during the party.

To say thank you, she gifted me a bottle of Kim Crawford that I fully intend on indulging in on my balcony!

Thanks Beckeroo!

Alright that's it for this week. I have a date with a bottle of wine and my balcony!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Let me know your thoughts on my next monthly project!

xxox, Laura

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