Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday!!!

Guys I am REALLY happy it's the weekend!

My coworkers on my project have been on vacation for two weeks and I have been beyond swamped at the office and need a BREAK.

Plus this weekend should be a blasty blast! I have a Mani Pedi booked with my bestie on Saturday, and then on Sunday we're celebrating her baby shower because she's due in TEN WEEKS!

Crazy, I am so not mature enough to raise a little one right now, but I am so so beyond ready to be a cool auntie to her baby boy!

Anyway, with all that ahead of me, I think it's time we Wine Down this week! But let's kick off with the MOST important thing...

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!

My beautiful Mama is 55 years young today! Here's some things you need to know about my Mom:
  • She's endlessly selfless and giving
  • She can probably beat you up
  • She makes the world's best pie. Yeah you heard me, COME AT ME BRO!
  • She's not super great at tech stuff, but she still reads and supports the blog.
Also she's the best and I love her so much. Happy birthday Mom!

Rain Rain Go Away!

Guys I am getting so sick and tired of the rainy weather in the Toronto area... the last few days have been a little better and next week is supposed to be beautiful but I am vitamin D deficient and SICK of it.

Does anyone feel like taking me on a beach vacation? Seriously... anyone?

Stand up love

OK guys, something you NEED to know about me is that I love listening to and watching stand up comedy. I also listen to a lot of comedian pod casts to get me through my commute or more mind-numbing parts of my work day.

So when I saw that Sarah Silverman had a new stand up special on Netflix (A Speck Of Dust) I was ALL IN. And guys, it was wonderful! Kris and I spent a very enjoyable Sunday evening on the couch with our pasta and beer laughing our butts off.

Sarah's sweet and innocent demeanor with cut throat and vulgar punch lines makes for an awesome comedy dichotomy. They say women aren't funny, well... she can't hear you because she's busy F***ing Matt Damon.

Watch it!

What I'm drinking

Guys... it's patio season. So I'm drinking beer.

Lots of beer, tons of beer, a wide variety of delicious craft and mass produced beer. 

Canadian patio season is pretty short. While they've been out for a few weeks now it's really only just gotten warm enough or sunny enough to enjoy them.

So for this first amazing patio weekend of the summer, you'll find me kicking back with a cold one,

OK! That's all for me this week friends. I hope you all have beautiful weekend and enjoy the increasingly nice weather!!! I'd love to hear what you're up to so drop me a note in the comment section to say hi!

xxox, Laura

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