Cajun Fish Tacos

In our house, we take Tex-Mex VERY seriously!

Quesadillas, enchiladas, nachos with guacamole, fajitas.. all of these are regular fixtures in our diet. I buy cilantro on a weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) basis.

Of course, one of our absolutely favourite things to make is fish tacos!

We've tried different variations on the fish taco through the years with great success, but our recent favourite leaves them behind in the dust. Breaded, a tad spicy and all around delicious, Cajun Fish Tacos.

These pan fried beauties are SO quick to make, you can easily pull this meal together in 20 minutes including the prep time. This is good since you'll scarf them back faster than you can imagine and need to make more PRONTO (provided you aren't totally stuffed of course!)

So let's get started.

Cajun Fish Tacos (Serves 4 - two tacos per person!)


  • 8 white fish fillets (tilapia, sole, etc)* 
  • 1 egg, beaten**
  • 1 cup plain breadcrumbs
  • 1/2 cup Cajun spice
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1/2 tsp dried parsley
  • vegetable oil
  • corn hard-shell tacos, shredded lettuce, cilantro, avocado, salsa, spicy mayo and lime wedges to serve.
*I actually like to use frozen and just lightly thaw it in cold water for 15 minutes before cooking, but you can always use fresh!

**One should be enough but you may need a second!


1)  In a small bowl, crack and beat your egg. In a second bowl combine breadcrumbs, Cajun, paprika, cumin and parsley and stir until well mixed.

2) Grab a frying pan and set on the stove over high heat. Add a few glugs of vegetable oil to the pan (no need to cover the bottom, just add a bit) and let it get nice and hot!

3) Take one fillet at a time and coat in the egg, and then coat in the spice mixture and add to the frying pan (I usually only cook two fillets at a time!). Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side until the fish is flaky and white. Transfer the fillets to a plate covered with paper towel to drip dry.

4) Once the fish is cooked, serve it up! Fish tacos are best when served hot so don't delay. I like mine with shredded lettuce, cilantro, avocado hunks, spicy mayo and a squeeze of lime. Kris likes to add salsa to his instead of the mayo (there's no wrong answer!)

Doesn't this look amazing? I had to take some before and after dressing shots to highlight that you want to load it UP with toppings! Though to be honest I could have just the fish and be in heaven.

This dish is perfect for lazy dinners, hot summer nights, or picnics in the park. The fish heats up really nicely after a day in the fridge so you can make lots for easy leftover lunches that will make your classmates/coworkers green with envy!

Or you can just hoard them to yourself. I wouldn't blame you if you did.

So I want to know! What is your favourite taco filler? Beef, chicken, pork, fish, veggie? Let me know in the comments below! 

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