Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday!

I’m writing a Wine Down! I’m writing a Wine Down!

For those keeping track, my last Friday Wine Down post was back at the beginning of August, which is crazy! The autumn was a little nuts between travelling, applying to and starting a new job, and writing my PMP.

November was so busy I only put out THREE blog posts. Seriously, I’ve been swamped.

Now that I’ve made it to the other side, I have a whole month of content ALREADY written and I can start my weekly updates again (which I’m very excited about). So rather than highlight things from the last week (though there will be some of that!) I want to fill you guys in on the last few months of exciting things around CW&T and in my life. 

Get ready for all the excitement!

Adventures Abroad

If you’re a regular around here, you couldn’t have missed my many, many, many, MANY posts about mine and Kris' trip to England.

This was our first trip across the pond together, and we really enjoyed ourselves. Kris was actually born in England so we were able to spend a lot of time with his family. Tea with his grandmother, drinks with his cousins, it was great to see everyone.

Plus we got to explore lots and lots of things together, which is our favourite thing to do. And eat lots of food as well, which is the best part of travelling. We were already planning our next trip on our plane ride home!

Where do you think we should go next?

Family weddings and engagements and babies!

HOLY COW! So many parties are in my future!

In a blog post earlier this year, I mentioned my sister had gotten engaged, well since then we celebrated my cousin's wedding with a gorgeous reception in Muskoka (they had gotten married in Switzerland a few months previously), with their adorable newborn daughter in attendance.

AND another one of my cousins AND my brother got engaged!!!!!

BOTH my siblings are getting married. My younger siblings... and after about 20 seconds of "sigh" I got really really excited because I love them both so much and am just so darn happy.

Plus it means I get to indulge myself in planning.. which is my favourite thing to do. Which of course brings me to...

Passing my PMP!

After 14 months of class and study, I passed my Project Management Professional certification!!!!!!

35 hours of class time
4500 hours of applicable work experience (which had to be approved)
200 multiple choice questions in a 4 hour exam

And I passed!

Essentially what this means is that I can, as an employee, provide more value from a project management perspective. It does great things for my personal marketability, but also means I can be better at my job, which is something very important to me.

Which Is why I'm also happy to announce...

I've Started A New Job!

After 5 years at my old company I've recently started a new job. 

I've moved out of marketing and into strictly project management, which is really exciting since that's why I was focused on the PMP in the first place. 

I'm currently finishing up week 4 and so far I really love it. I'm already quite busy, working with an exciting client, and really enjoying my day-to-day work. Plus we had an enormous pot luck lunch yesterday and received the most delicious cupcake after everyone sang happy birthday to me, because...

Turning 28

It was my birthday last Monday! On November 21st I turned 28, which is kind of weird. Eight is such an imposing number. 

Since I was studying I didn't do much celebrating on the day. The night before my family got together for dinner at the pub (which was great!) and then after my exam, Kris and my friends had planned a surprise birthday dinner and bar night for me!

I was hungover for about two days...

This was my first birthday where I wasn't incredibly excited while it was happening. Normally I am the ultimate birthday princess, wringing every last drop out of the celebrations. Maybe because 30 is looming (and I'm not ready!)

All said though, it was a really nice celebration. I felt well and truly spoiled by my friends and family and Kris' family; what more could a girl ask for?

What I'm Drinking

It wouldn't be the wine down unless I finished with my most recent cocktail drink!

Well, the cold weather is here and in our home that means only one thing: Hot apple cider and whiskey!

Kris and I love to heat up a mug of apple cider and then pour in a shot of whiskey (or sometimes dark rum, but more often whiskey) and stir it up to drink! It’s easy, delicious, and festive!

WOW That was a long wine down, congratulations if you made it all the way to the bottom!

How was your week? do you have any exciting plans for the weekend? Where do you think we should travel to next? Let me know in the comments below!

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