Thursday, December 8, 2016

5 Tips For Staying Fit During The Holidays!

Trying to keep fit during the holidays is hard. 

A never ending uphill battle against chocolate, candy, big carb filled meals, alcohol, and barely having enough time to get to the gym between all your planned festivities.

No one is shocked when come New Year's Eve, they’ve packed on 5 lbs of holiday weight.. Which of course makes pulling on your slinky party dress to ring in the New Year that much harder!

Let’s be real: I’m not giving up holiday treats. My last post was about my favourite Christmas Cookies! So what are we to do? 

This holiday season, take control of your health and fitness! I've outlined 5 easy steps you can take to stay on top of your game through December and into the new year. You're going to OWN your New Year's Eve cocktail dress!

Let's get started:

Step 1: Don’t try to lose weight 

While I’m a big believer in counting calories and trying to eat less than your daily net (because inevitably we all eat more than we think we do) your focus during the holidays shouldn’t be to LOSE weight by December 31st… just to maintain. 

Let’s not make the uphill battle any harder than it is, and besides you SHOULD indulge in all the good food and drink of the holidays! That's half the fun! Cut yourself a bit of slack and save the weight loss goals until AFTER you've popped the champagne at midnight on the 31st.

Step 2: Work out every morning

Time to move that alarm forward; get your butt outta bed every day and do 15 minutes of exercise! 

Stretch, pilates, some light weight workouts. Don’t strain yourself or do anything TOO tough (unless you're up for it!), just get your body moving early, and do it EVERY DAY. 

(full disclosure: Morning workouts are much easier in the summer... but YOU CAN DO IT!)

Those extra calories burned will help you in the long run, and the early start will set the tone for your day; and speaking of which...

Step 3: Skip the pop tart, have a healthy breakfast (and lunch!)

You may not control all your dinners and evening parties, but you can certainly start your day healthy! 

Pre make your smoothies for a few days at a time (check out this post and this post for some great recipes!) or make yourself an egg white and spinach omelette. 

Don’t let the momentum stop in the morning, you should be making yourself awesome and healthy lunches too! Soups, leafy green salads with grilled chicken, Buddha bowls or zucchini noodle dishes. 

Try and eat something light and fresh (but still filling) so that when you’re sucking back cocktails and dining on your second (or eighth…) Gruyere puff of the evening, you can do it guilt free!

In addition: Drink water NOT juice or pop! 

STOP. Go back. Read that again! Got it? 

Skip the sugary beverages this December, you’re getting enough from candy canes and wine, drink water instead (your body will thank you)

Step 4: Schedule your gym time 

If you’re anything like me, your Holiday season is over scheduled. Work events, friend events, family events, holiday date nights and just generally trying to get stuff DONE. 

So try to schedule two nights a week to get to the gym and don’t make plans on those days! These aren’t like your morning workouts though, go for at least an hour and go to SWEAT!

Step 5: Get plenty of sleep 

I’m a big believer in the health trifecta of eating healthy, exercise, and getting lots of sleep! 

Getting your full 8 hours helps reduce stress which in turn helps bust tummy fat. Catch all the ZZZs you can!

Your Turn!

How are you keeping fit this holiday season? Do you have any health and fitness goals for the new year? Let me know in the comments below!

ps: building a workout plan (that actually works)