Tuesday, December 20, 2016

5 Shoes You Need For The Holiday Season!

Like many women, shoes are my weakness.

I love a beautiful scarf, have a penchant for Kate Spade bags, and have a fairly enviable jewelry collection.

But for all of that, shoes are my favourite, my go to accessory, the bane of my wallet (or my feet, depending on the heel).

Living in Canada, a lot of my shoes don’t get as much wear as I would like at this time of year. Peep toes are safely away until next spring, and unless I’m certain that I won’t be outside for long (in the rain or snow) my suede shoes stay safely at home.

But the holidays often involve holiday outfits, and if you’re skipping your feet then you’re KINDA blowing it! After all, the festive feeling should extend from your nose to your toes, no matter what you’re out doing.

From those first holiday feelings through to New Year’s Day, here are the 5 shoes that will see you through the holiday season.

Red Heels

Why fight it? Red is the colour of the season! 

Nothing says "killer Christmas outfit" like a gorgeous pair of red heels!

These beauties from Vince Camuto tie up in bows at the back that just add a little extra flair. I wore them to my company Christmas party, but you could just as easily wear them out for cocktails with friends, to a fancier family event, or just to get yourself in the festive spirit!

Sparkly Heels for New Years Eve

5...4...3...2...1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

When the glittering ball drops, your gorgeous glittering heels will be there to meet it!

Sparkling shoes are the perfect thing for a New Years Party, but they can also be worn out for a Christmas date night (if the aforementioned red shoes aren't your colour!)

There's something so fun about adding sparkle to your outfit, and these kicks will make you feel like Cinderella heading to the ball... just DON'T lose them at midnight!

Cute Booties

Whether you're shopping, spending time with family, or just kicking back with a coffee, a pair of cute booties will see you through.

I like mine heeled, but even a flat pair will see you through almost every miscellaneous holiday activity you can think of: family events, religious services, work lunches or trips to the mall.

These boots were made for walkin'!

Snow boots (or rain boots!)

Depending on where you live, either snow boots or rain boots are going to be a necessity for the holiday season.

Plenty of snow and ice? pull on your furry, insulated, rubber boots to crunch through snow! Make a snowman, go tobogganing, go on a long winter walk. Just make sure your feet stay warm!

If you're not in snowy country, you may still find that the holiday season can be quite wet (or involve traipsing through tree yards for the perfect Christmas decor!) so pull on your wellies so you can enjoy all the fun!

Riding Boots

You had to know this one was coming if you follow the blog or my Instagram account.

Riding boots are my everything.

When it comes to the holiday season, these are the perfect footwear for walking around Christmas markets over some mulled wine and cozy conversation! 

They're also perfect for a more casual pub night get together with friends or family, or even just last minute holiday errands.