Thursday, October 6, 2016

London Calling - What's in my Suitcase

Kris and I are in England this week, and today is our first full day in London.

Obviously I'm writing to you from the past! Since my only blog activities this week for CW&T are to take pictures and make notes.

Anyway, we're in London and loving life (I hope!)

Londoners always look so fashionable. They really do have their own style and style rules that you need to embrace when you travel.

Pack your fashion A-game, a preppy style that you can mix and match that's both pretty and functional for wandering the parks and museums, or sitting in the pub.

I like to pack light, so for this trip to England I brought a capsule wardrobe I could style with ease while still feeling fabulous. Here are the pieces I brought with me to create a number of fabulous looks for London and my week in the UK.

Black, White and Bottle-Green sweaters

Grey Cardigan

One long sleeved blouse, 3 short sleeved blouses, to be worn on their own or under sweaters

Red Cotton Plaid Skirt with Black Tights! 
Also packed but not pictured is a dress fit for afternoon tea, or a romantic dinner out.

Two Pairs of Jeans (The Levis 311 Jeans... Greatest jeans ever)

Oh and an umbrella. A sturdy umbrella is a must have!

What was your last vacation? What is the most INDISPENSABLE item of clothing that you pack before leaving on holiday? Let me know in the comments!

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