How To Spend A Morning In London - Borough Market

London is one of my favourite travel destinations. 

The sights, the sounds, the pulse of the city. I just love every minute of being there and it's always high on my travel list. 

Each time I go I experience new and exciting things, but there's one thing I make sure I do EVERY time I'm in town (and sometimes more than once):

Start my morning at Borough Market.

The first time I went to Borough Market I was 21, had just graduated from university, and was in London before heading up to Edinburgh for the summer to work.

The hostel I was staying at had a list of cool things to do in the area. This included the (at the time) 996 year old food market (the market is now 1002 years old!). How could I pass up an opportunity to see that? 

The next morning I walked over to Borough Market and was blown away. From that first visit a wonderful tradition began of how I would spend my mornings when I visited London. 

If you're looking for the perfect way to start your day next time you're in town, follow in my footsteps!

Step One: Travel to the market, it's easiest to arrive from London Bridge Tube Stop, but however you get there is fine. Your first task is to pick up a tasty beverage!

Smoothies, coffee, tea, mulled wine; all are good options but I generally grab myself a hot apple cider to walk around with. 

Drink in hand it's time to walk the market! There's plenty of treats both in the covered and open area so try to hold off on picking what you want until you've seen everything Borough has to offer.

Hot pies, peperette sticks, baked goods, jambalaya, curries, giant pretzels, sandwiches, curries... the list goes on.

On my most recent visit with Kris (his first time to market) we went with a giant Pretzel, Chocolate croissants, pepperettes... and macarons, because when you're on vacation even your breakfast needs dessert!

Step Two: Now that you've got your breakfast, it's time to take it on the road and head north to the Thames.

On your right you'll pass a beautiful old church, which has some quiet nooks in the courtyard for a peaceful moment. But save your breakfast a bit longer, you're on a mission!

As you approach the river you'll be greeted by a magnificent galleon, A recreation of the Golden Hinde that Sir Francis Drake once sailed in the name of Queen Elizabeth I. Admire the ship then head through the alley closest to the river (across from the ship!)

You'll pass the old ruins of Winchester Palace and "the Clink" museum, before you can head north again to the river.

Hold on to your breakfast you're nearly there! Keep walking along the river until you find yourself at the Globe Theater, then grab a seat on the Water's Edge and enjoy your breakfast (or dessert!)

Step Three: Now that you've enjoyed the market, a riverside walk, and your breakfast outside the Globe, it's time to jump into tourist-ing

Keep heading along the river past the Tate Modern (which, if you're still peckish, has a lovely rooftop bar & restaurant with a gorgeous view!) 

Then cross the millennium bridge to St Paul's Cathedral.

If you've never seen the Cathedral it is worth a visit! Of course you can instead just walk around to the other side and hop on the Tube to go anywhere you want to go!

Doesn't that sound like a great morning? It's my favourite way to energize for a day of sight seeing in my favourite city, with a bit of history and a lot of delicious flavours how could you possibly lose? 

Do you have any travel traditions in certain cities? Tell me your rituals in the comments below!