8 Ways To Tie And Style A Blanket Scarf

I'm so excited today to share with you all my newest fall accessory! This is something I've wanted for a long time and never got around to purchasing...

Well I'm going on a trip to England in October and I just knew it was time for me to take the plunge into comfort and style! I went and bought myself a Blanket Scarf.

This double sided beauty was picked up at Aritzia. Navy on the front, tan on the back, it will go with almost everything I own while keeping me chic and cozy; what more could a girl ask for?

I have QUITE the scarf collection. It's probably my top accessory obsession (other than shoes); long, skinny, silk, colourful, striped... I have one for every occasion.

In fact, when I took my trip to the BVIs in the spring, my pink scarf was my most versatile item I brought with me (it served as a sarong, a dress, a shawl, a shirt and a pirate head scarf!)

So with my upcoming trip, a desire to pack light, and a serious passion for scarf styling, I've come up with eight fabulous ways to style a blanket scarf!

1) Traditional Triangle Wrap

This traditional look is perfect for over anything: tank, tee, sweater, jacket... you name it it completes the look and keeps you warm!

Fold your scarf into a triangle, let the triangle point down across your front and wrap the ends behind you. 

Adjust the fit, then tie the ends together and tuck them under the triangle to secure!

2) Draped & Belted

This looks is great for adding a bit more pizzaz to an otherwise boring outfit. If you have a chilly night ahead and are rocking a monochromatic look, skip the cardigan and drape and belt your scarf instead! 

You'll need a pretty belt for this one. 

Fold your scarf into a triangle and then drape it over your shoulders with the triangle pointed down on your back. Let the long side hang over your shoulders.

Grab a belt and wrap it around your back UNDER the scarf, then bring it OVER the scarf points hanging over your front and secure.

Adjust as needed and feel fabulous!

3) Shawl Drape

Not much to be said here!

Hold the scarf at two corners along the long side and whip it around over your back like a blanket. 

Drape loosely over your shoulders and upper arms to keep you feeling warm and chic! Perfect for pairing with a sleeveless dress on a night out!

4) Triangle Knotted

This is my preferred way to wear a blanket scarf. It keeps your neck and arms warm, is simple to tie, and lets you be completely hands free!

Fold your scarf into a triangle along the long side and drape over your back and shoulders, pointing down!

gather up the points over your shoulders and tie a knot (pro tip: tie the first knot, and then use the bottom strand to finish the double knot. That's how you get the nice pretty square at the front). 

How long the ties are depend on your scarf, but I like to keep this style snug around my shoulders, so go from there.

Once knotted, adjust the scarf so the knot sits asymmetrically on your front; there's something about this drape that looks SO cool when it's not dead centered (though that obviously is quite pretty too!)

5) Braided

The braided tie works particularly well with scarves that are double sided, because it creates a nice texture and shows it off beautifully!

Plus it's really easy.

Loosely hold your scarf from one corner and just let it fall. You want the scarf to be as long as possible and to have the colours blend well.

Now hold the scarf in the middle and drape backwards so that the ends fall behind your back. Loop those ends around so they now fall to the front and pull the loop of the scarf so that it hangs at the top of your breast.

Take one end of the scarf, bring it over the top of the loop and through, repeat with the other end (the ends should be sticking out from underneath the loop).

Adjust for tail length and loop tightness, and you're ready to go!

6) Side Clip

I cant decide if this look channels my inner cowboy, or my inner ancient greek.

All I know is it keeps me warm, and looks GREAT with a LBD.

We're starting this one a bit differently, fold lengthwise to create a smaller rectangle version of your scarf.

Hold out your arm of choice and drape it over, then wrap to the opposite side of your body passing the front over the back of the drape. Grab a pin, clip, whatever you want really and secure the point where the back and the front of the scarf meet along your side.

You're ready to hit the town good lookin'!

7) Slouchy Jacket

I love this look for casual walking about town when you don't want to bring your jacket with you or have your scarf bunched up by your neck.

Channel your inner Olsen Twin, this slouchy look will keep you warm without hiding your outfit. and it is SO simple.

Along both the short sides of the scarf, tie either corner into a knot. Then, slip it on like a cardigan and just let it hang.

Where are my latte and my enormous sunglasses?

8) Triangle Top Tied

This style is similar tot he Traditional Triangle Wrap but it's done a bit differently. The goal here is to display the knotted tie on top of the triangle for more of a textured look than you see in #1.

Start with your triangle fold again, but this time drape it over your back. The drape over your front should be short over one shoulder (about bottom of your rib cage depending on scarf length) and long over the other.

Take the long end and wrap it over the short side, around your back, then back over your shoulder for a full circle.

Wiggle the short end out from underneath the loop and tie a knot with the long end (don't leave a ton of tie! Just a few inches)

Adjust so that the knot is visible along one side at the front!

Which of the above looks goes best with your style? Have you picked up a blanket scarf for fall yet? Do you have a favourite way to tie it not pictured?

Let me know in the comments below.

Happy styling darlings!