10 Products To Use Daily (Laura's Favourite Things!)

It's amazing all the STUFF we use on any given day.

Nail files, pasta spoons, band-aids, sun hats, candles... ok that's a weird list but you get the idea!

Ultimately though, you gravitate towards certain items, things you just couldn't do without on a day to day basis.

Today I want to talk to you about the top 10 items in my life that I use every. single. day. The things that make my life better, easier or just plain happier. Kind of like "Oprah's Favourite Things" except I can't afford to give anyone a car...

I'm not including my phone, tablet or laptop on this list. I'm sure you all understand the extreme need for these things in daily life. This top 10 will focus on beauty products, organizational products and lifestyle products that I couldn't do without.

And here they are...

1) Aveeno Suncare Products

I'm a big Aveeno girl. The exfoliant, the daily moisturizer and the toner are part of my daily routine. But the two products I value at the top of the list? The "Clear Complexion BB Cream" with SPF 30 for your face, and the "Daily Moisturizing Lotion" for your body with SPF 15.

I can't stress this enough people: daily sunscreen application. Even when it's cloudy, or winter, or raining cats and dogs. I apply the BB cream to my face (it has a nice tint to even out my complexion!) and the Daily Moisturizing lotion to my chest, arms and shoulders to keep me covered.

Let's keep wrinkles at bay!

2) Smashbox Blendable Colour Stick

This little beauty has been my go to makeup trick for the past 6 months. The LA Lights Blendable Lip and Cheek Colour from Smashbox Cosmetics in "Canyon Coral" was the perfect summer colour for my cheekbones (or the added lip touch up).

I'm going to switch it to the more rosy "Echo Park Pink" for fall and winter.

It glides on smooth, blends great, lasts all day long and lasts FOREVER because you really only need a dab to put colour into your cheeks.

It also comes with a blender at the end of the stick for on the go touch ups to your cheeks and lips when you don't have a beauty sponge with you. Convenient!

3) ban.do Planner

I live and die by the planner. As an aggressively type-A individual who likes to micromanage in the extreme and plans my time out weeks in advance, having a good planner is a necessity.

I've gone through many iterations, but my newest one is an 17 month beauty, with stickers, inspirational notes, and good amounts of space for monthly or daily planning. I actually wrote a blog post on this planner when I got it because I was so excited, and I stand by it!

I'll be needing a new one soon, and will definitely be getting the same one.

4) David's Tea Infuser Mug (And Earl Grey Loose Leaf)

I am a tea fanatic. I start every day with a cup of Earl Grey, made in my Tea Mug with Infuser from David's Teas.

Because I'll sometimes drink between three to four cups of tea a day. I was going through a TON of tea bags before I bought this mug. It's now one of my favourite things. 

5) Kate Spade Wristlet

A few years ago for my Birthday, Kris bought me a gorgeous Kate Spade wristlet.

Actually he's bought me a bunch of great Kate Spade stuff (obsessed with the brand) but the wristlet is my favourite.

The perfect size to slide in my iPad mini, phone, lip gloss, hair ties, small note pad, pen and money pouch (I don't carry a wallet) it has everything I could possibly need in it at all times. 

It's brilliant, I either loop it around my wrist when I'm running errands, or transfer it from bag to bag so that I always have my essentials grouped together and easy to find in the depths of whatever bag I happen to be carrying that day. 

Unfortunately after two years of daily use it's starting to show it's age, but I have my eye on this cute replacement!

6) E-Reader

I was a late convert to the e-reader club, but I am on board now! I have a pretty extensive book collection and no where to put it, so buying MORE books is becoming less of an option.

Plus when it comes to travel or commuting, e-readers are SO easy to carry!

If I download a book and love it, I'll still buy a hard copy; but it's nice to know that I have some solid literature at my finger tips on the go!

7) Chanel Shades

I don't want to alarm anyone... but my Chanel Shades are magic.

Seriously, I was visiting New York in the spring, my FIRST visit. I'd just been dumped, was horribly depressed, and decided to spend some of the "down payment" money on a NYC shopping trip.

The trouble was it was raining. I mean could it GET any worse?

We went straight to the Chanel store in Soho and I bought the sunglasses I'd been coveting for months... and when I walked out, sunshine. FOR 5 STRAIGHT DAYS!

They've been my good luck shades ever since. It helps that they are beautiful! 

8) Blogging Bullet Journal

I have a bit of a notebook habit. Aside from my planner, I have a small flip book I keep in my wristlet (see above!) as well as a travel journal for when I'm flitting about on adventures. 

But a blogger needs a dedicated notebook! 

I keep mine in an easy bullet journal style and make notes on everything from recipes, to reattempted recipes, to blog post planning, to stray thoughts, to webinar notes.

The whole of Cook, Wine and Thinker is messily written within it's pages. I bring it just about everywhere!

9) Yoga Shoes

One of my latest obsessions? My Sanuk Shoes.

As anyone who spends a lot of time standing on kitchen tiles can tell you, it's hard on the feet. These fab shoes are made from recycled yoga mats, they just ABSORB your foot and are so cozy.

Which is great for when I'm trying a new recipe... or retrying it... or perfecting it for the blog!

10) Sippy Cup

Last but not least, I want to talk to you about my adult sippy cup.

I don't know how this started, but in the early days of our relationship Kris and I moved to drinking water out of sippy cups. It's actually a great way to drink water because you tend to drink it faster through the straw so you can ACTUALLY get your 8 cups a day.

Hydration is important folks!

Plus if you accidentally knock it off your nightstand it doesn't spill everywhere and ruin your phone.

We still have nice glasses for when guests arrive, but if you catch us relaxing around the house, you better believe we both have a sippy cup near by!

What are the products you couldn't do without on a day to day basis? 

Do they match any of mine or do you have your own top 10 favourites? I'd love if you would leave me a comment below!