Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Wine Down!

Happy Friday!!!

It's been very quiet on the blog for the past two weeks! I've been taking a little bloggy break to focus on some other stuff in my life.

Also it's just been so gosh darn hot outside that all I want to do is wallow inside an ice bath.

Before I get to that though, let's Wine Down this week! 

New Harry Potter Book

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out last week and is already the #1 selling book world wide... Not that anyone is particularly shocked of course.

But I have mixed feelings about this story of the Boy Who Lived and his family.

I LOVE Harry Potter, I first started reading them at 9, I have a rare misprinted copy of the original book, and when the North American wizarding School Ilvermorny was introduced I IMMEDIATELY went and got sorted (Thunderbird!)

But... I'm not excited about this play. Don't get me wrong I'm going to read it, but I think there is something to be said for letting your character's existence after the novel become a thing for your readers to decide.

I don't know that I WANT to read about Harry Potter as a middle aged, overworked man at the Ministry, or Hermione as a meddling helicopter mom. I didn't even like the epilogue at the end of book 7, I didn't need it.

Anyway, I am prepared to eat some major crow since the play and book are getting great reviews. Hopefully I like it!

Instagram Stories

I was thinking about writing a whole post on Instagram Stories, but it's already been done so instead I'll just sum it up:

1) I love being able to post more casual photos outside my niche in a snap chat fashion!

2) I hate that the little circles at the top don't disappear, it's like having the "1" on my phone screen when I have to update an app and it drives me NUTS. 

At first I just tried to clear them all and then realized how futile it was. I wish I could close out some of the circles and only see those who I really want to see! 

I worry this is going to lead to me unfollowing people (and being unfollowed as well).

Adorable Cottage Visits

Last weekend we were joined up north by my friend Steph, her husband Eric and their adorable daughter Serena.

I don't think there is anything much cuter than a 10 month old.

We had a great weekend, fabulous weather, lots of food and drink and my parents went just a liiiiiiiiittle baby crazy having her up at our special place (can't say I blame them)

The last time Steph and Eric were up was a few summers ago, so I know the enjoyed just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Eric even had a run in with a black bear, so it was a well rounded cottage weekend!

Pure Delicious

I recently bought a new cook book to help me figure out some of my allergen concerns I think I'm working with.

Pure Delicious by Heather Christo is a cook book that's free of the major allergens affecting people today (gluten, dairy, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts and shellfish). Heather is a chef and food blogger who discovered a few years ago that her kids have a TON of allergies, so she had to completely change her habits

Pure Delicious contains 150 recipes without ANY of those allergens, it's great to have on hand for safe cooking for guests, as well as determining your own health issues (in my case, some weird inflammation) 

Pop over to my friend Farrah's Blog for a full review on this cookbook! Thanks for the recommendation Farrah!

What I'm Drinking!

While I did 2 weeks straight of drinking the delicious Lavender Raspberry Mojito, this week I'm back with a new wine recommendation for you.

It IS the Friday Wine Down after all!

This week's recommendation came from a co worker of mine who lives down in Niagara. The Hinterbrook Winery "Nomad Franc Blanc"

This wine is made with Cabernet Franc grapes, but removed of their skins so that the wine comes out white. Think sweet citrus perfect for pairing with rich seafood dishes!

That's it for me! Back to blogging again next week now that my break is over! What are you up to this weekend? Let me know!