Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fall Fashion Trends I'm Excited About (Or Not...)

Oh Boy, Oh BOY!

Very few things get me excited for Fall like Fall Fashion.

Sure, I love a PSL as much as the next girl, the trees changing colour make me swoon (Hellooo! I live in Canada! Maple Red is our THING). 

Fabulous markets, festivals and activities are about to begin and before all is said and done we get to celebrate Thanksgiving, Halloween, AND my Birthday.

But Fall Fashion, that's the real treat of the season. Grab your booties and scarves and get ready for a run down of the upcoming Fall trends I'm excited for (and a few I might give a miss this year).

The second photo for all my "likes" will link you to the item. Happy shopping!

1) Statement (Faux) Fur Accents -  A scarf, a stole, or just accents on your skirt or jacket. A bit of fur trim goes a long long way this season!

Don't overdo it, you're trying to enhance your outfit with fur, not smother it. Why not try a fabulous vest to pair with your long sleeved tees?

2) Tan/Nude palettes - Call it boring if you want but I love these colours for Fall. There is something so elegant about tan. 

Unfortunately it really only has a place in your wardrobe for the fall season, so get your wear out of it before it's replaced by Winter colours.

3) Shearling Jackets - We're going a little retro with this trend, and I kind of love it. Shearling jackets are a warm and fashionable addition to your Fall wardrobe this year.

Don't run out and buy a new one, I bet your Dad has one stashed somewhere that you can make new again for a vintage feel!

4) Plaid - Coats, dresses, pants, jumpers. I am so ready! Nothing says comfy or Fall quite like a plaid shirt or jacket. Or you can rock your plaid skirt with a neutral top for a back-to-school feel.

5) Bare those Shoulders - This summer's hottest look of bare shoulders is getting a slight makeover for fall, with only one of those bad boys on display! One armed outfits are also strutting around, and of course the double-bare-shoulder outfit isn't going away JUST yet. 

Work out your upper arms and show them off!

6) Bell Sleeves
- There are few things I love more than a fun sleeve. Bell sleeves, trumpet sleeves, sleeves with detail. They add such beautiful flair to an outfit (and make it easy to wear the next trend on the list...)

7) Long Gloves - I LOVE long gloves. I picked up a taupe pair in Rome a few year's back and I am always so sad to take them off at the end of the season. Not only do they keep your hands (and arms) lovely and warm, but they chic up any shorter-sleeved outfit. What's not to love?

As promised, here are three fashion trends I'm not looking forward to this Fall season: 

1) Ruffles - go back to spring! Ruffles are great, but I really think they are too flouncy for the cool seasons.

2) Turtlenecks - don't get me wrong, I love the look of turtlenecks (when done right)... I just hate things on my neck. As such, the upcoming Choker Necklace trend is also a miss for me

3) Pink and Yellow - I just.. this colour combo reminds me of a horrendous bridesmaid ensemble. That said, I'm pretty excited about all the mauve out on it's own without the yellow!

What Fall Fashion trends are you looking forward to for 2016? 

Do you have a favourite fall outfit you're getting excited to bust out on the first cool autumn day? Let me know in the comments below!