Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday!!!!

It's the August Long Weekend here in Canada and it's also Kris' birthday on the holiday Monday so I'm gearing up for a weekend of fun with the mister.

It's been a busy busy week so let's Wine Down and then head off into the sunset!

Dinners Out!

I have a confession to make: I haven't cooked dinner once this week, NOT ONCE.

I've been out every single night with either a friend or family. It really tests your ordering skills when you need to try not to eat french fries every night... Thursday night I ended up at the raw food restaurant near my house because I was craving veggies.

But it was all so delicious! Pub, Fired Up (again), homemade spaghetti bolognese at a friend's and then the raw food.

Tonight is not looking any better, we're going out with my best friend and her husband because...

Becky Passed The Bar!

My best friend is smarter than your best friend!!!

After 3 years of living way too far away from me so she could go to law school, my bestie is back in town and with her fancy new law degree! Plus she got her results back for her bar exam and passed!

I'm so excited to celebrate with her, she's worked so hard and I'm really proud of her... plus, you know, free legal advice forever.

Congrats Beckeroo!

Back to the Gym.

I've been pretty lazy about working out for the last month. It's been SO hot that I just can't be bothered to do anything.

Unfortunately the scale is starting to climb.

I've thrown myself back into working out with a vengeance. I'm shaking up my pre-vacation work out plan (which I blogged about here) to include a bit more cardio and a more consistent weight plan.

My body hurts... oh it hurts. But it feels really good too.

What I'm Drinking

Wine club is back after a brief hiatus!  Not only did Steph make me a delicious pasta dish on Wednesday but she got us a delicious "E" wine to enjoy.

Pelee Island Eco Red

This red wine blend packs a fruity punch that paired nicely with both our cheese plate and our dinner. Plus there's an adorable froggy on the label!

What are you up to this gorgeous weekend? This final July weekend (so sad!) Let me know in the comments below!

xxox, Laura

ps: here's what else I've been up to!