Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thug Kitchen Cookbook Review

One of the fun parts about being a food blogger is that people are forever giving you new recipes and cookbooks to try.

FREE COOKBOOKS! And I don't mean in a "pay to blog" sense, I mean in a "my friends and family know I love food and give them to me as gifts" sense... I am starting to run out of room in my pantry.

I love combing through a new cookbook, finding recipes similar to what I already make, or trying something completely different.

The most recent addition to my collection was sent to me by my BFF, who is embracing a vegetarian life style. If you follow me on my Instagram, you may have noticed my recent obsession with it.

The Thug Kitchen Cookbook.

OK before I get into some of the recipes I've made, lets talk about the cookbook itself. I could wax poetic about it for ages, but I'll just list my 3 personal favourite things about it:

1) It's informative. If you need information on clean healthy eating and whole foods, it offers a ton of knowledge in an easy-and-fun to read way. Which brings me to...

2) It's simple. Sometimes you read a blog recipe (especially vegan recipes) and it calls for an ingredient that is only produced by monks on the south side of the Andes mountains, cultivated by the light of the moon and blessed by a red pigeon.

Who has time for that?

Other than a few obvious things (nuts due to allergies) I usually have everything these recipes call for in my kitchen, or they are regular items on my grocery list. If it's a rare purchase item for me it is never hard to find at the store.

3) It offers substitutions. This is BRILLIANT, and as a food blogger I may need to incorporate this a bit more into my recipe posts. The book does a good job of offering you substitutions for some of its ingredients (sometimes as many as 6-7 things) so that you don't need to get online and hunt for the info. LOVE it.

I give this cookbook 5 stars. I have really enjoyed making all of the below dishes! It's led to some really delicious vegan meals in our home.

Most importantly, it's helping me eat more vegetables, which is what the duo behind the Thug Kitchen Blog and cookbook are all about! 

Here are some of the delicious items I've made so far for you to drool over

Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos with Cilantro Coleslaw

Spring Veggie Bowl with Red Curry Lime Sauce

Black Bean Tortas with Coconut Chipotle Mayo

Sweet Potato Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas

Mango Curry

Do you own the Thug Kitchen cookbook or have you cooked anything from their blog? If not, what is your go-to cookbook? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!