Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday!

I am so so so happy because this morning I'm hoping on a plane and flying to the British Virgin Islands for a week and a half!!

Tomorrow I wake up at 3 am (gross) head to the airport for our 6:30 am flight (still gross). Quick layover in Atlanta and then we fly into the US Virgin Islands, where we hop on a ferry and head to Tortola, BVI!

We'll spend the day Saturday stocking the boat with supplies and getting acquainted, and then on Sunday we cast off on our adventure!

I seriously can't wait.

Otherwise, I don't actually have much to say in this Friday Wine Down, other than keep your eyes peeled to the Blog for an AWESOME recipe next week in a Guest post by my BFF!

Also, make sure you're following me on my Instagram as I will be trying to post pictures over the next 10 days to make up for the lack of blogging and offer you all some serious wanderlust (of course, there will be posts upon posts when I get back!

CHEERS! See you all in May!