Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Travel Bucket List

I'm exceptionally excited today, because it's the last day of March, and next month I'm taking a pretty exciting trip.

At the end of April, Kris and I are joining some of his friends for a yachting trip around the British Virgin Islands! 

7 days at sea, living on a gorgeous catamaran, fishing, cooking, swimming, dancing the night away in different bars... It's kind of a dream come true.

For as long as I can remember, my family and I have talked about the dream vacation of chartering a boat. Now that I'm going they're all very jealous, but it has me thinking about other dream vacations of mine.

Oh the Places I hope to go!

1) Santorini, Greece

2) Florence, Italy

3) Reykjavik, Iceland

4) New Orleans, USA

5) Machu Picchu, Peru

There are so many more, but these 5 spots are so high on my list! And of course I want to go back to Edinburgh... because I always want to go back to Edinburgh.

Do you have any exciting trips panned? What are some of the places you most want to go? Have you ever gotten to go on one of your dream vacations? Let me know!