Thursday, January 14, 2016

Coming out of Blogger Hibernation!

Happy 2016!!!

Things have been quiet on the blog for a while. I took a break off for Christmas and my New Year trip to Florida... and it kind of just got away from me.

I'll be back officially next week with proper posts, but for now I'm going to shake off my hibernation with a funny cooking anecdote.

If you're not feeling like a funny story, just watch this video instead about how to decorate these gorgeous Valentine's Day Cookies!

Tonight I was making my Butternut Squash Soup, which contains a few chili peppers.

While I was chopping, some of the hot pepper juices got on my hands. This happens, so I ignored the stinging and continued on to chopping onions.

Onions have a tendency to make me... emotional. For someone who cooks as much as I do it gets pretty funny, sobbing over chopped onions each evening while I make dinner. My nose started to run a bit, so I swiped it with my sleeve.

Bad news bears... there was some chili pepper juice on my sleeve too...

Now my nose is on FIRE. I decide to try and wash my face to ease the burning. 

This was a horrible decision.

I splash some water on my face, but it starts to streak my mascara. So, I naturally go to wipe and clean my whole face... including my eyes.

My right eye did NOT close in time... INSTANT PAIN. 

When you're alone at home, with burning fingers, nose and eye, boiling soup on the stove, unable to see and reeling from the pain... Siri is the only person who can help you (because lets face it, I couldn't type in that state)

L - "What's the best way to treat an eye burning with chili juice"
S - "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that"

After 3 attempts, I got the answer: Milk. Fill a shot glass with milk and rinse out your eye.

I grabbed our carton of milk, a small glass, and stood over the tub while I all but COVERED my face in milk, including blinking my eye in the open glass to clean it. 

When the burning finally subsided, I rinsed my face under the water (this time without touching my face) and then finished making my soup.

Thinking my ordeal was over, I pour my soup into a bowl and sit down to eat. I take my first big spoonful of soup and a drop drips back into the bowl causing a drop to bounce up from the hot soup bowl...

Straight into my LEFT eye.

I'm not really sure what the lesson here is, but I think soup is off the menu for a little while.

Happy 2016!