Thursday, January 21, 2016

10 Shoes Every Girl Should Own

I love shoes. I am a firm believer that the right pair of shoes can make an outfit, as much as a bad pair of shoes can make you look frumpy or disheveled.

I own an army of shoe cleaning, polishing and protecting products. My shoe rack in the front hall is full, my shoe wardrobe in my bedroom is full.. and that doesn't even include my NICEST shoes which I leave in their boxes in the closet, stuffed with the paper they come with so that they keep a nice shape.

I own a lot of shoes. How many isn't important... but it's a lot.

In spite of this obsessive need to collect footwear, I am also a believer in "less is more". In fact, my shoe collection is really the only way I blatantly disregard this rule. 

And so, in the spirit of "less is more" I started thinking about my superfluous shoe collection, and which pairs are really the MOST important. I came up with the following list of 10 shoes (excluding running shoes and flip flops) that every girl should own to complete her wardrobe.

Whether you have multiples of each, or a tried and true favourite, here are the 10 shoes that every girl should own.

1) Black Low-Heeled Pump

From interviews to networking events, meetings and casual cocktail parties. This is the LBD of shoes, and one I couldn't do without.

2) Bright Jewel Tone Heel

When you're heading out in a gorgeous pair of jeans, or leather jeggins and a fabulous top, and need something flashy to brighten up your wardrobe, a pair of Bright or Jewel Tone Heels are all the staple you need.

3) Black Flats

Much like the black heel, this staple shoe will get you through long days at the office, meet the parent dinners and can complete any outfit in a pinch.

4) Colourful Flats

When spring or summer hits, ditch the black and pair your shorts or skirt with a colourful pair of flats! Match to your purse or top for added effect, or just pair with your summer whites to show off your feet.

5) Wedge Sandal

Beach weddings, long days at an outdoor market, paired with sundress or jeans; a wedge sandal is essential to getting through hot summer days. Just make sure you get a pedicure!

6) Sparkle Sparkle!

New Years Eve, Valentines, Weddings or fabulous evenings out; shoes with sparkle will make you feel like Cinderella heading to the ball. 

7) Nude Shoes

Sooner or later, you're going to need a pair of these for a bridesmaid dress pairing. They're also excellent for pairing with your blacks, or for a demure luncheon event.

8) Booties

The nice thing about booties is: they aren't just for fall! There are lots of great booties for all seasons. I love mine with a heel but you can get some cute flat, edgy pairs as well!

9) Brown Leather Riding Boots

I refuse to go through a fall season without a pair of brown leather riding boots. Camel, Chocolate, Mahogany; whatever your favourite shade, they are essential to a beautiful fall look. Pair with leggings, or skinny jeans and a loose wool sweater and then hit the town!

10) Heeled Boots

I love a beautiful pair of heeled boots. Over the knee or calf length, both make me happy. They're perfect for those fall and winter evenings when you need a bit more warmth and a lot more style than your riding boots or winter boots offer. These boots were MADE for walking!

** All the links were selected by me, I am not paid by any of these beautiful shoe companies for my thoughts