Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Tips for Styling Really (really) Fine Hair!

Today I want to talk about something that is an ongoing struggle in my life: my incredibly fine hair.

Since my teenage years I've been struggling for more volume, curls, beach waves, fancy up-dos... anything to make my hair look photo shoot gorgeous. 

I get SO SICK of reading "sure fire ways to boost your volume" from girls with nice textured hair; these tips NEVER work for me.

If you can relate to this, hopefully you'll enjoy the tips in this post... if you can't you can at least laugh at my struggles!

In the last year or so, I've started embracing the realities of my hair, and started on a journey for finding out what really DOES work for me. Before I get into this, lets take a look at my locks.

My hair is straight as can be, no matter how long it gets, and very fine. It's prone to fly-away bits, and breaks like crazy. I can't do the "wash every other day thing", believe me I tried, it gets real greasy, real fast.

There's also TONS of it. People are always shocked by just how much hair I have on my head. It's the number one comment I get from hair dressers "Wow, you actually have a ton of hair" - the problem is that it's so fine, you can't really tell. It all sticks together and hangs limp.

There are some upsides to this, mainly that my hair is very "wash and go". In the morning, I know that there's no point in trying to style it, so I just let it air dry. It takes 20 minutes and it's perfectly straight and shiny. It's easy to get a brush through, so getting ready for a regular day out is a no brainier. I know that this is a blessing, and my thick-and-curly haired friends are jealous of this particular aspect.

The problem arises when I want my hair to look REALLY nice, which is not easy. 

If you have super fine hair, here are my suggestions for some gorgeous locks! These are the products and steps (in order) for a beautiful hair day!

1) John Freida Luxurious Volume, Touchably Full, Shampoo and Conditioner

I don't know what it is about this shampoo, but it just WORKS for me. Even if I just wash and go, I find this shampoo always gives me the best volume for the longest amount of time. 

These are my go-to products for special events and evenings out. I actually only use it on these occasions because I'm afraid my hair is going to get used to the product and it will be less effective... Needless worry? Maybe, but I'm sticking to it.

2) Organix Moroccan Argan Oil

I found this product entirely by fluke. I'd used their body products before (and loved them) but never any of the hair products.

In a desire to tame my fly-aways and strengthen the ends of my hair, I picked some up.

WOW! I use it almost every day!

Spray a little bit into my roots, along the strands, and a blast at the ends then brush through. Style your hair, and then when it's all said and done, spray a blast into your hands and lightly skim over the top of your mane, to smooth and shine.

You'll feel shiny and new!

3) Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening Spray

This thickening spray is the answer to not being able to use mousse and hair spray (which tend to make fine hair greasy and flat)

When I'm doing a wash-and-go day, I rely on Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner; but the Thickening Spray is my favourite volumizer to keep on hand for a good hair day!

Spraying into the roots and over the strands, then lightly brushing through before drying and styling gives my hair a much needed boost. I find it also works to revitalize at the end of the day (just spray and quickly blow dry).

4) A Quality Hair Dryer

I don't know what I did before I bought my current hair dryer. It was recommended to me by a friend who has hair as fine as mine, and about half the amount (leading to some pretty funny pony tails).

She swears by the magic of this hair dryer: the Infinity Pro by Conair.

I lovingly call it The Green Monster. It not only dries my hair in moments to fluffy perfection, it also folds up for convenient travel. 

Flip that mane of yours upside down and give it a blast on full, then brush out on low, before setting (upside down again) on cool. I find this gives my hair the best long lasting volume boost, and helps me to avoid the stringy-look fine hair can get after a long day.

5) Hair Rollers

A few years ago we did a big family photo shoot, and my female cousins were ENTRANCED by how gorgeous my hair looked. Full, flowing and shiny; they couldn't believe it.

I didn't tell them that I had driven to the event looking like a stegosaurus with 5 different rollers in my hair. 2 hours on the highway, with my hair in rollers.

When I'm not heading up the highway, I just leave them in, after drying, while I'm doing my makeup and getting dressed, only letting them tumble down before I head out the door!

Make sure you don't use them like hair rollers for curling though! Just take sections of hair and drape around the roller letting the ends fall naturally, keeping the roller nice and snug to the root of your hair! 

If you try and "roll up" strands, they WILL get tangled and stuck (ouch).

6) Small Butterfly Clips

If I'm forced to get ready in the morning for an evening event, my best bet is to style my hair and then style "half-up-half-down" with a butterfly clip. 

Fine hair is really REALLY prone to the "hair kink" from bigger clips or hair ties. If my hair goes up in a ponytail, it stays that way all day. But leaving my hair down will both deflate it, and cause it to get greasier as the day wears on.

I find building up just the top fine layer into a half-up-half-down and securing with a small clip, will keep it looking fresh in the evening when I let it tumble down, without that annoying hair kink.

All hair is not created equal, and not all bad-hair-days are easily solved! These tips and tricks work great for my hair, and I hope they'll work well for yours.

What are some hair-tips you have to offer? Specify your hair type (coarse, fine, thick, thin, curly, straight, prone-to-humidity-insanity) when you respond!

I wish you all a life time of good hair days! (I could put that on a thank you card...)