Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday!!!!

It's been a busy couple of weeks for me, I didn't even get to writing a Wine Down last week (I'm SORRY!) so I am very happy the weekend is here!

I'm off tomorrow for the day with my Brother's Girlfriend Dana for some Christmas shopping in Niagara on the Lake (We were there six months ago for her birthday). But before that holiday fun can begin, it's time to Wine Down the past TWO weeks!


I was in Cuba from November 12th - 19th, and it was AMAZING. Kris and I had the most wonderful time on our first official vacation together. 

35 degrees and sunny, drinks on the beach, swimming in the warm ocean, great food, our private balcony overlooking the mangroves and the ocean. A truly romantic and wonderful week.

We also had some fun taking on a high-flying ropes course adventure near our hotel! 3 stories (50 ft) in the air, we swung from tires, walked tight ropes, and sat at a picnic table overlooking the ocean. Our adrenaline was pumping and we loved every minute.

Birthday Girl

Right after Cuba, I turned 27 (I told you it was a busy few weeks!)

Happy birthday to me!

My birthday was such a delight. An afternoon shopping with my parents, dinner with my whole family, and then drinks at my favourite local bar with family and friends. With fabulous atmosphere, great music and hilarious drinks, what more could a Birthday Girl ask for?

Plus I was completely spoiled with gifts! Jewelry, wine, fabulous makeup, cookbooks and more. I'm feeling pretty loved right now :)

Happy Holidays

There's no denying it now, the holidays are here!

I spent last weekend decorating my apartment for Christmas, and this week Kris and I went to pick out our tree! It's currently standing lit, but not decorated, in my living room (a job for tomorrow).

Christmas tunes on the radio, ugly sweaters at the ready, so many parties in our future. I love the holidays so much and I can't wait for another wonderful season.

What I'm Drinking

Actually I'm supposed to be on a detox... after Cuba and my Birthday I am in need of a bit of down time before the holidays are in full swing.

However, since the holidays are here, I need to have some mulled wine simmering on the stove while we decorate our tree!!

I posted This recipe for Mulled Wine last Tuesday, if you`re looking for something to get you into the holiday spirits (tee hee) then I recommend brewing up a batch!

Have a good weekend!