Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday!!!

Today is my first full day in Cuba, so everything is going pretty great (provided that by the time the next Wine Down comes around I'm not completely sun burnt)

While basking in the sun is super lovely, there is still a week behind me to Wine Down, so let's get to it!

Steve Jobs Movie

On Sundy, Kris and I went to go see the newest Steve Jobs movie. 

I know... ANOTHER one.

Actually, we quite liked it. It was a little long, and there were some curious bits (Pixar wasn't mentioned even once, when chronologically it should have been) but it was worth seeing. I wouldn't necessarily recommend going to theaters to see it, but I would recommend watching it.

What really prompted our seeing it was the emails from the Sony Hack. One of them stated about the movie that:

"[P]eople deserve this kind of movie and in some weird way we have a responsibility to take these kinds of risks. ...  This is the kind of film that makes me thankful for movies and they're few and far between these days. " - found in this article

They knew it might flop, that it was too wordy, too long, and had little redeeming qualities, but it's a great movie.

How could that not intrigue you?

Girls Night

On Tuesday I had a great girls night out with two of my favourite ladies! We met at our usual spot in Toronto on a rainy afternoon and enjoyed some half priced glasses of wine and excellent food and conversation.

Trading advice on work and love, telling funny stories since the last time we were together, planning for the holidays. 

On my way home I had to wait a while for my train (the regular one was cancelled) so I walked around, got a coffee, and took some photos at Union Station to kill time!

Pinterest Meals

I made this dinner this week, which I found on Pinterest.

It was so easy to make and beyond delicious. The potatoes were restaurant quality Greek potatoes. I brought some for my dad to try the next day and he was floored and demanded the recipe.

I wish I could take credit, but I will make due with spreading the word! Give it a try and don't skimp on the turmeric!

What I'm Drinking

I'm down in Cuba, and enjoying the "open bar" nature that is all inclusive resorts.

For all that? my drink of choice is...


Ice cold mojitos on the beach just make me smile. Plus it's really fun to say (Mo-HEAT-oh!)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and planning a wonderful weekend! Be sure to check back on the blog while I'm gone (I have a few posts planned!)

No Wine Down next week, but I'll be making a special Saturday post for my Birthday! (27, ick)