Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday!

I'm pretty excited today because this time NEXT WEEK I will be in Cuba!

But before I can do that, there is still another Friday, weekend and week to get through.

This week's Wine Down has an unintentional theme of Women! Women I admire, women I'm thankful for, women in politics! 

I am woman, hear me roar, then watch me drink some wine ;) 

Let's wine down this week!

A Sincere Thank You!

I'd like to start out this particular Wine Down by saying thank you to all the lovely and wonderful women who commented on my post this past Wednesday about my Blogger Burnout.

All the kind words, comments about having been through the same issues and the support really lifted my spirits and made me so incredibly happy to be doing what I do.

I'd like to thank everyone who has reached out to me, it made my day. Thank you!


Last Saturday for Halloween, Kris and I were out on the town with some of his friends, dancing, singing and enjoying every minute in our night-of-masques!

I went out dressed as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's... Though I didn't go in the traditional black dress, but I went as "hungover morning" Holly Golightly - the outfit she is wearing when she first meets Fred.

I loved this costume. Not only was it easy to put together, but incredibly comfortable as well! I even managed to get my false eyelashes on without getting glue in my eye, so all in all a victorious night!

Starbucks and Strollers

On Thursday night, I met up with Steph and Baby Serena for a Starbucks-and-stroller walk.

We laughed a little bit about how we've crossed over from making fun of yoga pant Starbucks-and-stroller women to becoming them (well, minus the stroller for me!) 

It was a beautiful evening by the lake, and baby slept long enough for Steph and I to have grown up time! 

Gender Equality

Canada's new Prime Minister was sworn in on Tuesday. Justin Trudeau upon being elected stated that he would have a gender-equal cabinet of 15 men AND 15 women.

When asked about why he was so adamant about this, he gave the best possible answer.

"Because it's 2015..."

This move is getting a lot of praise, and a lot of flack as well. Some say "well do all the women even DESERVE this?"

I don't want to get too much into this... but do all of the men deserve it? Has every cabinet minister ever sworn in always deserved their title? 

I'm going to guess PROBABLY NOT.

For all of that, there are some incredibly qualified men and women making up this cabinet, from all across the country. I look forward to watching them work to make our country great. Best of luck to our new PM and his MPs!

What I'm Drinking

Tonight I'm attending a "Women's Party" my aunt is throwing.

She would like to make it clear that it is a party for women, but no "bra burning" "naked dancing" or "sacrifices to the moon goddess" will be involved.

There will however be a ton of red wine!

I'm bringing a big 1.5L bottle of Jackson Triggs Cabernet Sauvignon, which I feel will give me the most bang for my buck at this shindig of shindigs!

I think it's a good call. Don't you?


How has your week been? What are your plans for this weekend? What do you think when you hear the words "Women's Party"? Let me know in the comments!