Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Wine-Down

It's the weekend!!!

Not only is it the weekend, and a LONG weekend, but it's also one of my favourite long weekends of the year: Thanksgiving!

Let's Wine Down this week!

Thanksgiving Plans

I'm headed up north on Saturday for some beautiful fall foliage in Cottage Country and dinner with my family, before hopping in the car on Sunday and heading to the farm for dinner with Kris' family.

Lots of family, lots of driving, lots of turkey and, hopefully, lots of wine!!!

I love Thanksgiving more than any other holiday. 

It's during my favourite time of year, the food is phenomenal and I get to have great family time without any kind of religious or monetary stipulations. Just time with loved ones and food! And speaking of food...

Delicious Dishes

In spite of all the craziness of this week (doctors appointments, working late, meetings, school, etc etc.) I have managed to cook two meals I am REALLY proud of!

First: Meat and Cheese Manicotti Crepes

Second: Wok Fried Lamb with Cumin!

I have posts for both of these delicious dinners so I'll include them down below.

Happy Videos!

There were two videos this week that I saw that gave me all the feels. The first was squirming happy puppies.

The second was a gum commercial that brought me to tears.

I'll let that sink in for a second. A gum commercial, that brought me to tears (the happy kind!)

Seriously, how cute is that? I'm such a sucker for advertising.

What I'm Drinking?

This holiday weekend... I'm not going to be too much of a stickler for what comes my way. And, if I'm predicting our families correctly, there's a lot of red wine in my future!

But for the down times, when I'm snuggled up with a book or just watching the leaves change, I'll be drinking some hot apple cider with just a touch of whiskey!

What are you up to this weekend? Did you prefer the puppies or the gum commercial? What's your favourite holiday?

However you're spending this weekend, I hope it's wonderful!


What I've Been Up To This Week: