Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Wine Down

Happy Friday!

It's been somewhat of a hectic week for me (Blogging really took a back seat unfortunately) and I'm quite eager for the weekend to begin!

The weather is starting to turn cold, but the wine will keep me warm! Let's Wine Down this week!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Kris was away last weekend, so I planned ALL sorts of girlie fun for myself with some of my favourite people!

Friday night, my friend Marlo came over for a belated-birthday celebration! We went out for dinner and then drinks! 

Marlo and I met in Kindergarten (22 years ago...) so we know each other inside and out. A night filled with fun and laughter, and also these incredible fresh cinnamon donuts with a warm caramel dipping sauce.


Saturday night it was Amanda's turn to help me paint the town red! After a delicious home cooked mushroom risotto (recipe here!) we had a rather LARGE bottle of wine, and then hit my new local bar, Door 55. 

French 75s for all! this place is awesome.

Sunday morning, with all the alcohol out of my system, I picked up a Starbucks and went over to hang out with TWO awesome ladies, Steph and her new baby girl. Serena is getting so big (she's 1 month!) and it's impossible not to feel completely happy when I see the two of them together. Steph's an amazing mom already. 

Plus she did an adorable photo shoot of baby girl!

Birthday Blowout

October is a busy month for birthdays! I had 4 friends celebrate over Thanksgiving weekend, and then I've got 4 more birthdays to celebrate this weekend!

Thursday night was Kris' Dad's birthday, so we had a great family dinner at "7" in Downtown Oakville (the most incredible pizza!)

Tonight we're off to Kris' friends birthday, and then a friend of mine the following night. Then on Sunday we're gathering at my parent's for my Grandmother's 83rd birthday!

That's a lot of cake in one month.

Halloween Plans

We were back and forth on whether we were doing anything for Halloween this year. Plans have FINALLY come to fruition, but now I have a week to get a costume together!

After much deliberating, I've decided to go as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's... But I won't be going in the slinky black dress. I'll be going as "hungover morning Holly"

Only Audrey Hepburn could make mornings look so classy. I'm going to need a sleep mask, tuxedo shirt, some purple fringe earrings (rather than ear plugs) and a great smokey eye! I'm really excited, because I think this might be my most comfortable costume ever.

Shopping Spree!

Thursday night my mom and I hit the mall for a bit of girl time. We did some shopping and then my dad joined us (not wanting to be left out) for a bit of dinner before we went home.

We got some gorgeous sweaters for winter, and a few prezzies to be wrapped under the tree!

My mom also treated me to two gorgeous new bathing suits from Victoria's Secret for my trip to Cuba in 3 weeks! I can't wait to hit the beach in these new beauties.

What I'm Drinking

Sunday is my Grandmother's birthday, and her absolute FAVOURITE cocktail is my "what I'm drinking" beverage this week:


Vodka, cranberry, lime and deliciousness! I trust my Dad and Grandpa to mix an incredible cocktail and I'm looking forward to Sunday's batch!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

What are you up to this weekend? What's your favourite way to celebrate a birthday? What are you planning on being for Halloween? Let me know in the comments.