Monday, September 7, 2015

10 Ideas for Fall Fun with your Girlfriends!

Fall can be such an inspiring time to spend with your loved ones. 

I'm forever reading lists about activities you can do with your significant other, or your kids, but what about your other loved ones? What about your best friends!

If you're needing some time with your best gals, well there should be a list for that too!

Well grab your pumpkin spiced latte and get inspired for these 10 ideas for Fall Fun with your Girlfriends!

1) Go on a hike

Ok this one is a bit cliche, but going for a hike (or a long walk) in the Fall is such a great thing to do! It gets you out in the open air, exercising, and gives you and your friend wide open spaces to talk-and-talk-and-talk! I'm not saying "grab your mountaineering equipment", just pick a nice trail and head out with some snacks! It's the best place for a gab fest and you'll feel happy and fit by the end!

2) Hit the market on Saturday

I love open air markets (or indoor ones) but in the summer they can be too hot to enjoy. With Fall produce hitting the shelves, a likelihood for delicious baked goods and cooler temperatures outside, Autumn is a great time to visit the market.

Bargain hunt, shop for produce, buy matching rings, grab a coffee and enjoy the day with your gal-pals. They'll whine less about this experience than your boyfriend or kids, and they're more likely to enjoy WINE with you after!

3) Grab a PSL then go get a pedicure!

This activity is two fold: the Pumpkin Spiced Latte is back... And your feet are probably dry and hard from a long summer of flip flops and activities. Book an appointment to get a pedicure with side-by-side chairs, grab a PSL on the way; then sit and chat while your feet magically become beautiful again. Can you think of a more relaxing girlie-date?

4) Plan a closet swap

As the Summer clothes disappear and the Fall ones come to the front of your closet, you may be itching to buy new stuff. 

Before you do that, take everything that you're not quite feeling anymore (due to fit, colour, etc) and plan a clothes swap with your friends.

Have everyone show up with their "for donation" clothes and spread them out all over your living room! Shop each other's wardrobe before donating the rest. You'll save yourself money having to buy new things, and you'll probably have some funny moments trying on that sweater from three years ago (I mean, WHAT were you THINKING?!).

5) Layer up then hit the beach!

Just because it's chilly, doesn't mean the beach isn't an option! Get layered up in a sweater and pack your wellies and a picnic. The beach in the Fall is beautiful, and usually pretty barren. It's a great time to do a campfire cookout or throw around a football, and the wind in the Fall is perfect for kite flying. 

Just stay out of the water!

6) Fall photo shoot

This is another cliche, but the Fall is such a great time for a photo shoot. Grab your best girls, put on your favourite flannels and go take some pictures outdoors! As I get older, I have less and less photos with my friends, unless one of us is in a wedding dress. A casual fun photo shoot is a great way to have fun, and capture your quirkiness as buddies.

7) Plan a weekend trip

Much like with open air markets, the Fall can be a great time for a weekend trip. Airfares and hotels are generally cheaper, you don't have to compete with summer tourists, and the weather is cooler for walking around to see the sites.

Even if you're just going to be a tourist in your own city, it's a great time to do it!

8) Visit a museum

The Fall, especially September, can be a great time to visit museums, aquariums, zoos, etc. Kids have all just gone back to school, so they won't be on field trips just yet, and their parents are no longer trying to keep them entertained during the day. 

I love visiting museums at this time of year because they are WIDE OPEN! If you can, take an afternoon off work and meet up at your local exhibit. You'll get to enjoy it and your time together, without being jostled by crowds.

9) Get artsy (over mulled wine)

This is one of my favourite activities! Get yourself some mulled wine (or just hot apple cider) and a craft, then spend hours crafting, laughing and drinking. Adult colouring books, paint by numbers, something with a glue gun; they're all good options! If you and your friend don't like to craft, then bake instead! This friend-date is perfect for those blustery-rainy fall days where you just want to be indoors.

10) Have your own Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. It's about food and being with your loved ones, what could be better? 

Plan to get your friends together for a Thanksgiving feast. This can be the weekend before or after the holiday if that's easier! Have everyone bring a dish and a bottle of wine, then sit down for a long meal together. Your friends are your family too, so why wouldn't you celebrate a holiday with them?!

Whatever your plans for Fall, make sure to spend lots of time with your favourite girl friends; they're the ones who will keep your sanity intact when the Christmas Rush rolls around!