Saturday, August 29, 2015

Toronto Goodlife City Chase

Have you ever thought to yourself "I could be on the Amazing Race".

Well on one August Saturday, myself and three friends competed in the Goodlife City Chase; an urban race that's part scavenger hunt, part obstacle course and all fun!

We showed up first thing in the morning to David Pecaut Square with out backpacks full of snacks and water, sunscreen, hats and racing gear!

We arrived early enough that we had time for a few photo ops with our team shirts and the finish line!

The Lemon Wedges (myself and friend Marlo) were ready to win!

Rebecca and her husband Steve were excited and ready to solve some clues and run around like crazy.

Also we can all jump... uh... real high?

Before too long, it was time for the all-participant warm up! Some stretching and heart pumping moves got us all pumped up. Then we all waited patiently for the buzzer to go and to be given our first clue.

The first clue led us to where the full clue sheet was. All 600 teams went sprinting out of the square to find the full clue sheet.

The clue sheet gave us a series of addresses and parks, where there were activities and challenges for us to complete. Teams had to complete 10 before they could cross the finish line, some of which were mandatory. To get to each challenge we could take public transit, or run like crazy!

I have to admit we did a LOT more running than we expected!

Working as a foursome meant we could solve our clues really fast, and before long we were out running around town doing some amazing challenges. During one we had to pick coloured marbles out of a bag and hold the designated creepy creature to that colour. Steve and I both got to hold this awesome guy!

Another challenge involved crawling inside gigantic plastic bubbles and trying to play soccer... it went... well it went horribly! I'm not much good at soccer, luckily Marlo is a total pro! 

We took a couple minutes to roll around in the balls afterward, it's pretty fun to throw yourself at the ground or do a somersault in one of these!

Other challenges involved jumping into a pool to grab numbered hockey pucks off the bottom, and then matching them to the numbers on rubber duckies floating along the side.

We also had to put on a harness to pull a school bus, run around a park covered in a bed sheet, solve Canadian trivia, find waldo in Kensington Market and more! 

After our final challenge was done, we rushed back to the finish line at top speed. Running down the street as fast as we could, and getting cheered on by other teams and volunteers.

Marlo and I crossed first, placing 197th out of 600 teams; Rebecca and Steve were hot on our heels placing 198th! 

At the end of the race, all participants were invited to the after party at Jack Astor's where we were given free beer to congratulate us for the race.

It tasted like victory!

The Toronto Goodlife City Chase was such an incredible way to spend a day. We all agreed that we'll be back next year, and ready to place in the top 100 this time!

Have you ever competed in an urban race? would you like to? If there is a City Chase near you, be sure to check it out!