Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer Sundresses

It's been a hot hot week in the Toronto area, which means it's been a fabulous week to rock sundresses!

A lack of "office appropriate" shorts and days over 30 degrees means I've been working my way through my sundress supply in an attempt to keep cool. Of course, The dresses still need to be appropriate for the office, and comfy for a long day of work! 

Here's some looks I put together this week.

1) T-shirt and flowing skirt.

This look is so breezy and cute. An easy ponytail and a brown braided belt complete the outfit. I love the floral print and length of this skirt.

2) Cobalt blue silk blouse and A-line skirt.

I love this look, and when paired with these shoes I feel very "50s". The full, striped skirt is really flirty and summery. One of my favourites for the office and fun in the sun around town.

3) White lace dress

This is one of my favourite dresses. The silhouette is really flattering, and it's incredibly comfortable. I usually wear it with a nice ice-blue cardigan to complete the look and pair with silver jewelry. Even though it's white, it feels so bright and cheery on sunshiny days!

4) Grey belted maxi skirt

I wore this outfit most recently to work and then a BBQ with friends that was going to go until late in the evening. The maxi skirt was great for keeping me warm as the night began to cool off, without over heating (and of course I had my jean jacket on hand just in case!)

The tank top I have tucked in is from H&M (I have their basic tank tops in just about every colour they come in). I love the chrome look that this outfit has, but (even though you can't tell from the photo) I always pair with bright shoes and a bright chunky bracelet for effect!

5) Purple Elephants

This was my "Finally Friday" outfit this week! One of my favourite patterned dresses from Anthropologie (of course) it's such a bright pattern that it always makes me so happy to wear it. It's also incredibly comfortable and had me in the perfect mood to kick off the weekend, while still being appropriate for work (when paired with a grey cardigan). And speaking of the weekend...

6) Weekend Coral Maxi Dress

Just because I'm enjoying a long weekend, doesn't mean I want it to be all about shorts! This Coral maxi dress is perfect for running errands, or going out for dinner on a hot summer day. It's not QUITE work appropriate (it's cut a bit low), but it has a weekend-wow-factor that I absolutely love, while still feeling cool and breezy!

What outfits do you like to wear to keep cool during a hot summer week? Do you have a favourite dress that you like to rock? Maxi or Midi?

Whatever your fashion choice, get out and enjoy the summer! It's winding down!