Wednesday, August 19, 2015

St Jacobs Farmers Market Day

With summer winding down, I finally made it out to do one of the activities I've been meaning to check off my Summer 2015 Bucket List: visit St. Jacobs Farmer's Market in Waterloo, Ontario.

I went to university in Waterloo, so for the 4 years I lived there, St. Jacobs was a regular haunt. The Farmers Market is Mennonite owned and features local produce and wares. It's a great place to spend a Saturday Morning!

I was pretty excited to be there!

First stop was to head inside for cheeses, meats, sweet treats and a few shiny things!

How gorgeous are these owl bracelets? I desperately wanted the whole set... then of course I saw the rings.

The antiquities section had me feeling like Ariel from The Little Mermaid! 

My next stop was to head to the outdoor market for some delicious fresh produce from local farmers.

This row of peaches, plums and berries had me in awe.

And then of course, so did the flowers!

Even though it's late summer, the sun is still out in full force, so it was important to stop for a cold beverage after so much time carting around fresh veggies in the sunshine! 

So what could I do but get a Green Tea Matcha Smoothie?

The final stop was to go and see the animals and the little petting zoo! Because who isn't happy visiting a cow and some ponies?

I had such a wonderful and happy morning at the market, and I'm so pleased to have a visit to St Jacobs ticked off my summer bucket list!

What's left on your Summer Bucket List? Time is winding down so don't delay!