Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Wine-Down

Happy Friday! Summer may be winding to a close, but there's still plenty of sunshine about!

Right now I'm preparing for the Toronto City Chase, which I am participating in tomorrow. Make sure you're following me on my Instagram for what is sure to be a hilarious day of photos!

But before we get to that, let's do the Friday Wine Down!

Sangria Saturdays

As promised in last week's Wine Down, I indulged in some white wine peach sangria last Saturday evening. The mister and I got a bit silly and had "cork popping" competitions with the sparkling white from our balcony. I'm sure our neighbours were confused about the whooping when we managed to hit the roof of the building opposite.

Sometimes it's so nice to just hang out with my main squeeze and get a little tipsy. We just laugh our heads off at each other and talk about our future; nothing makes me happier.

Make sure to check out my White Wine Peach Sangria Recipe post from earlier in the week!

Gym times

After a rather indulgent weekend, I had to hit the gym hard this week to make up for it. A lot of interval running as well as This Move off of Lauren Conrad's blog has me feeling trim again (if a little sore!) 

Thoroughly recommend trying that move to tone your arms and middle. Just keep it light on the weights!

Thursday Girls Night

I managed to get out on the town with two of my favourite ladies this Thursday for a catch up! I went to high school with Em and Court; we're all type-A planners who keep our schedules packed, so this particular night has been planned for weeks now. 

I pulled together this adorable outfit of blue-and-blue-and-blue and hopped the train downtown.

We met at the Moxie's patio in downtown Toronto, and indulged in lettuce wraps, wings and spritzers! It was so great to get caught up on each other's lives, and even though we were missing our fourth (who recently moved provinces) we still had a great time. The hours passed by filled with laughter, what more could you ask for?

Songs on Repeat

I don't know what it is, but I have been obsessively singing Walk Off The Earth's song "Rule The World". Since I love promoting Canadian talent, especially when they're from my own backyard, I'm sharing the music video with you.

Sing along with me so I'm not alone anymore!

What I'm Drinking

Recently, Kris and I have started really planning our road trip down to New Orleans and back! We're pretty excited about our trip which is devoted to "music, food, bourbon and southern hospitality" and it's got me craving MY favourite bourbon drink: the Manhattan.

Whisky, sweet vermouth and bitters, garnished with a cherry. I don't care how many people tell me it's an "old man drink", I love it! And I can't wait for my trip (though I may order a mint julep in the south instead of a Manhattan...)

What's on tap for your weekend? Do you have a particular song that you have stuck in your head right now you'd like to share? Do you have an Instagram account I can follow you at? Do you like bourbon? I always love to hear from you so let me know!

Cheers! Happy weekend!