Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Why I Love Being Canadian

Happy Canada Day!

July the 1st 2015 is Canada's 148th birthday (you don't look a DAY over 125!) and it's a day I love to celebrate!

I love being Canadian. I love that on my maternal grandfather's side, I'm 9th generation, and on my paternal grandmother's side, I'm only 2nd generation Canadian.

I love our flag, and our national anthem (all four verses in French AND in English!)

I love when I travel and meet other Canadians. I've met Canadians all over the world and even though sometimes the place where we meet is closer to home than my fellow Canadian's home is to mine (seriously this is something that can actually happen OUTSIDE of North America), we always greet each other like old friends. 

I've had pints, visited museums, climbed mountains and even shared one HECK of a Canada Day with complete strangers who have been endlessly kind, solely based on our shared country of origin.

I love the great food and beer that this country creates. The incredibly talented actors, writers, singers, artists and athletes that it produces; and that some of the world's funniest comedians call our country home (as well as some of the world's most attractive people! Hello Ryans Gosling and Reynolds!)

I love that nothing brings us together like the Good Ol' Hockey Game! It is after all, the best game you can name! 

It's true in a way that is almost comical. This past olympics every office and school had a TV going during both the Men's and Women's final. When I was flying during the men's Hockey final to Vancouver from Toronto, it was standing room only in the lounge with everyone glued to the TV.  Grown men in suits were sitting on the ground as close as they could get.

When we were on the plane, the pilot came over the speaker to let us know that we had won and everyone stood up and cheered! When we arrived in Vancouver, the party was in full swing.

Four years earlier, same great game same great result, I attended a street party in Downtown Toronto I will never forget.

I love how we're all fiercely proud of Tim Horton's, yet unanimously agree that their coffee is better brewed at home.

I love that we're really as polite as we're made out to be internationally, and that we DO say "eh" a LOT. I love that people still think our bacon is weird (pemeal bacon is AMAZING fyi. with cornmeal? Forget about it!)

I love that I get to call this country home. I've traveled a lot and even lived abroad. I find something so serenely beautiful about Switzerland, and the culture and heat in the South of France took my breath away. I have favourite things to do in London each time I visit, and part of my heart will always remain in Edinburgh.

New York mended my broken heart, and in Munich I discovered a kind and wonderful city with much to explore. Prague is like something out of a fairy tale, and Italy... well I could never spend enough time in Italy.

But for all of that, Canada is my home. My gigantic, diverse, friendly, vast, challenging, funny and beautiful home. And today I'm so happy it's mine.

Happy Canada Day!