Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Wine-Down

Friday Wine Down!

Happy Friday!

It's a short week for me because of Canada Day! I actually ended up working on the Stat. Day, so instead I have Friday off (oh no... not a long weekend... :D)

With that in mind, lets Wine-Down the week!

Wedding Bells

My friends FINALLY got married after their one and a half year engagement! I'll be blogging a bit more about the getting ready process tomorrow (which happened at my house) but the wedding was really beautiful too!

The weather wasn't cooperative, so unfortunately the wedding happened inside instead of outside on the patio, but it really didn't matter, it was still gorgeous. My friends and I had a ton of fun at the reception, and danced the night away! Two of my friends were back from Calgary for it, so it was great to catch up on the last few months since they moved out there. Here's some snaps!

Canada Day

Happy 148th Birthday Canada!!!!! 

I posted on Wednesday about Why I Love Being Canadian, and my excitement for the day did not end in disappointment! 

Even though I had to work (so I could have Friday off) I still managed to get some great Canadian activities in, including making Beavertails and drinking a delicious Steam Whistle beer!

For those who have never had Beavertails (I think they're sometimes called "pigs ears") they're essentially a dough, quickly fried in oil and sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar (also good with Nutella, or apple pie filling!)

I'd never made these before, but they were so easy and turned out great! If you want to try them yourself Click Here for the recipe!

Afterwards, we were off to my parents for a delicious roast lamb, and some time spent on the patio enjoying the sunshine with my Parents, my Brother and his Girlfriend. There were bands playing at the park nearby that we could hear over the water, making the evening just perfect!

Kris and I headed home and decided to forgo the fireworks (we were pretty tired).. but as luck would have it, the local fireworks show was visible FROM OUR BED if we opened the curtains! 

Oh how I love having big windows!

We cozied up with a snack and watched until it was time for bed. Perfection.

GSDF (Get Shit Done Friday)

One of the best things about having Friday off instead of Wednesday is that EVERYTHING is going to be open! 

With that in mind, I've labelled today "Get Shit Done Friday". 

Today's plans include getting my windshield fixed, a nice long workout, working on an arts and crafts project, some blogging stuff, grocery shopping and, of course, some relaxing (if there's time!).

I'll also be catching up with the lovely blogging community, so please leave a link to your blog below if you've got one, and I'll come for a visit :)

I tend to really fall behind on stuff in the summer because during the weekends I'm up north, so an opportunity to catch up on all of this stuff is VERY welcome! 

What I'm Drinking

In honour of Canada Day, we picked up the ultra Canadian (and in fact, ultra Torontonian) beer, Steam Whistle!

A delicious home grown pilsner, Steam Whistle is, I admit, an acquired taste. But I promise if you give it a chance, you'll learn to love it!

Have a great weekend to Canadians taking off Friday, and of course to my American friends celebrating Independence!

A good weekend to be North American!