Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Wine-Down

It's been a busy week!

So busy in fact that I decided to take a blogging hiatus (there won't be a post tomorrow either). My friends Chris and Diana are tying the knot tomorrow and I'm in the wedding party, so a hectic week doesn't even begin to cover it!

But I just couldn't leave you without the Wine Down, so here we go!

Father's Day

We were up north last weekend for Father's Day and managed to work in a round of golf and a delicious dinner to celebrate!

We're a big family, so I golfed with my brother and his girlfriend. We played well (ish) but had a ton of fun.

After golf we were off to Gilly's for dinner! I blogged about this restaurant last summer, and it still totally holds up! A must do if you're in the Parry Sound, Georgian Bay Area!

Powerful Speakers
On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of hearing David Suzuki speak at the Oakville Centre for Performing Arts.

An incredible orator, he was reading excerpts from so new book, Letters To My Grandchildren, and taking about the environment, his experiences as a canadian from a family of immigrants, First Nations people's, family and the hopes for his legacy.

Funny, brilliant and thought provoking, if you ever get a chance to hear him speak, don't pass it up!

Wedding Stuff
I'm getting more excited for this shindig tomorrow, the rehearsal was last night and we had a blast. The wedding party is all my friends from high school (on both sides) so this is a party over ten years in the making.

I've had quite a few things to do for this one, which is why I've been on hiatus. As I said, no post tomorrow either, but I'll be instagramming like crazy, so be sure to follow me for all the fun!

What I'm drinking

Gatorade... Seriously guys, I'm going to be enjoying a lot of mimosas, spritzers, shots, beers, red wines, champagne and more this weekend with wedding festivities. So all I know for sure is that on Sunday morning I'll need a Lemon Gatorade to cure my hangover!