Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Wine-Down

Happy Friday!!!

May is almost over, and I for one can't WAIT for June! 

June is always an exciting month for me as my Brother, his Girlfriend and both of my parents have birthdays (plus my aunt and two of my cousins...) So it's always full of great family time.

On top of that, two of my friends are getting married this month and I'm a bridesmaid. With some of my closest friends from high school in the wedding, we're sure to have a blast!

But before we can get to June, lets do the Wine Down and wrap up the final week in may!

"Rock, Bought'em" Bonding Time

I got up north to "Rock, Bought'em" again this past weekend. I have to say it was a tad windy and there were more bugs out than I like, but we still managed to get out and enjoy the patio for cocktail hour!

My Brother's Girlfriend joined us this weekend (she couldn't make it up for May 24) I love this girl, she's been with my brother FOREVER, so as far as I'm concerned she's family. It's always awesome to hang out with her up north and get in some quality time.

Plus sometimes we accidentally dress to match and it's awesome.

Sunshiny Days

It's been a sunny-but-muggy week. The pending thunderstorm still hasn't rolled in to cool things down.

It's been a hectic week at work, but I like to take time to get out of the office and go for a walk; getting up from your desk to clear your head can be so important.

During one of this week's walks, I found a park near my office... WITH A SWING SET. I'm 26, but mentally closer to 10, and who doesn't love swings? 10 minutes swinging and I was feeling happy and rejuvenated and ready for an afternoon at my desk!

Miniature Baking

One of my goals this week was to get some baking done. I ended up making some apple-peach pies, but in a mini size! 

Kris and I really can't eat a whole pie, but we can easily share one of these gorgeous little pies. I made 5 and froze the 4 we DIDN'T eat so we can reheat and enjoy them if we're feeling up for dessert, without wasting food.

Plus, they're absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself! The recipe will be posted soon (of course).

Bridesmaid Duties and Observations

As I mentioned, my friends' wedding is coming up! This week I was preparing for the bachelorette party this weekend, as well as getting my bridesmaid dress tailored.

While I was waiting to see the seamstress, I saw this wedding dress in the waiting room. I love strapless dresses, but I have a soft spot for the attached cap sleeve. 

I think this dress is stunning, I needed to snap a picture!

... Or two...

What I'm Drinking

This week I'm enjoying a nice white wine!

Flat Roof Manor is a gorgeous and light pinot grigio from South Africa, with a pretty fabulous label (I must admit).

It's really refreshing and perfect for a hot summer night on the patio!

Plus, it only costs $11.25

How was your week? What's your favourite way to unwind during the work day (or after)? What's your favourite pie? What are your weekend plans? I'd love to know!

Cheers! Enjoy your weekends!