Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Wine-Down

Happy Friday!

And to my fellow Canadians, Happy Victoria Long Weekend! It's time to wind down with the Wine Down.

May "24" Long Weekend.

I'm so excited about the first long weekend of the summer season! As you're reading this I'm either hightailing it up north, or sitting on the dock at my cottage, "Rock, Bought'em", enjoying a drink and some family time.

Hopefully I'm not sitting in hours and hours of traffic *knock on wood*

Getting up to the cottage is such a wonderful treat, I always come home fully relaxed and rested. Luckily, cottage opening happened a few weeks ago, so I wont have TOO many chores to do and will get to just enjoy it, maybe get out in my Kayak for a nice paddle!

Mothers Day

Mother's day this past weekend! My parents hosted a lovely brunch for my mom's side of the family on Saturday. My Aunt and Cousin were here from Calgary and Zurich (respectively) so my Grandmother was over the moon at having everyone around her for Mother's Day.

Plus, mimosas on the patio!

We got some great family bonding in, had a delicious brunch, and even managed to get some shopping done (because, of course). A completely successful day.

Domesticated Goddess

My social life has been intentionally boring this week, but my apartment is SPOTLESS. I hit my second wind (or third) on the spring cleaning and it's making me pretty happy. I've also managed to read about 3 books this week, and cook some delicious dinners.

Sometimes a bit of downtime is exactly what this girl needs.

Date Night

Kris isn't coming up north this weekend, because he's participating in one of the sailing qualifiers for the Pan AM games (Go Kris!), so I CASUALLY suggested that Thursday would be a good night for date night since I'll be gone until Monday night and he'll be really busy.

I was treated to a gorgeous dinner at Papa Giuseppe's, which I blogged about before here.

Delicious Italian food by the Credit River, a nice glass of wine, and some handsome company. I'm one lucky lady!

Also get a load of this dessert! It's toffee gelato on the bottom, a layer of espresso, and a chocolate biscotti. YUM.

What I'm Drinking!

If I'm up at "Rock, Bought'em", the red wine of choice is ALWAYS the Rutherford Ranch Cabernet. This wine is delicious, only costs about $25/bottle and is so easy to drink. 

For whatever reason, the LCBO near my cottage always seems to have a good stock of the stuff (it can be hard to find) so we usually buy a bunch of bottles at the beginning of the season so we always have some in.

It's that good!