Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Birthday to Nessie (And also to my Bestie!)

As you may have seen from today's Google Doodle, April 21st is the 81st anniversary of the taking of the famous "Loch Ness Monster" picture that sparked one of the world`s most famous monster hunts.

It also happens to be my best friend Rebecca's birthday! Which is pretty perfect since my very own Loch Ness Monster hunt happened with this lovely lady at my side.

Back when I had recently graduated from University, I spent a summer slinging suds at Deacon Brodie's Pub in Edinburgh. Becky was travelling around Europe and when she made it over to Scotland to visit me, we booked a highlands tour which included a stop at Loch Ness.

As you will see from the below post from my L-Squared-Does-Scotland blog, we were pretty excited:

Nessie Hunt: Part One

We Are Ready.

Rebecca and I are up at the ungodly hour of 7:30 AM to do the INCONCEIVABLE
hunt the Loch Ness Monster

We have armed ourselves with monster hunting food (carrots and ritz crackers, apparently Nessie goes for this stuff) and a very large net.

We are dressed in dark clothing for camouflage.
The next time you hear about us will be on the 8 oclock news, where you will hear of our success, and we will have become too famous for words.

Let the hunt begin...

Laurie + Becky

What followed was a breathtaking trip through the highlands, more mist than I've ever seen, and a lot of bounding in and out of trees by the lake trying to snap monster pictures (see logs).

Happy Birthday Becky, you're my favourite partner in crime

And Happy Birthday Nessie!