Saturday, April 18, 2015

April Showers - Spring Party Outfits!

April Showers bring May Flowers!

Spring Showers aren't just falling from the sky, Spring is also a popular time of year for Bridal and Baby Showers.

I have a few wedding and baby parties lined up myself over the next little while. This past weekend I was at a more formal luncheon affair and wore this spring dress with polka dots!

Getting dressed in the Spring (especially in a confusing climate like we have in Southern Ontario) is difficult day to day, let alone when you're preparing for a party (especially an incredibly feminine one). You've got to plan for rain, shine, 20 degrees, 5 degrees, formal, casual... It's confusing!

Here's a few looks I've planned out for the upcoming Shower Season. 

1) Bright Patterns and Layers

I love this dress by Rachel Roy. The bright colours and exciting patterns always make me feel like I'm dressing for the season after a drab winter. It's one of my favourite outfits for Spring events. 

I usually pair it with some wedges, a great pair of earrings and a fabulous cardigan (just in case)

2) Bright Blouse and Jeans

Depending on the event, you might be allowed to go a bit more casual, but that's no reason not to feel nice and Spring-y!

My family's baby and bridal showers are generally pretty laid back (except when we play games... then we MEAN it!) so jeans are completely acceptable. When I'm getting ready for a more casual shower, I throw on a nice fitting pair of dark jeans, bright flats and a gorgeous bright blouse. 

3) Skirt and Blouse

Still getting ready for a more casual shower, but feel like you should dress it up just a bit? Why not pair a comfy blouse with a high waisted skirt and some wedges

This outfit is flirty and fun. It also makes a really great day-to-night date outfit, or a brunch-with-the-girls outfit. Pair it with some simple and classic jewellery and you're ready for whatever the day throws at you.

4) Lace and Jean Jackets

This look is for if you're attending an event that's maybe a bit more formal, but in the middle of the day. If you're going to a hall for lunch, or a nice brunch event, you may want to wear a dress and heels. But there's no need to go to the full nines (It's only a shower, not a wedding).

Pair your classic Spring dress with a jean jacket and feel both pretty and cool for your event. 

This dress is from Anthropologie (of course). I've worn it to weddings, dinners, brunches, you name it. It's easy to style up or down and the dark blush-pink colour makes it pretty versatile for any season. I usually wear it with simple jewellery and a fabulous belt to pull it all together. And of course, my favourite black heels!

5) White done Right!

I want to preface this look by saying, unless you are the bride DON'T WEAR A WHITE DRESS TO A BRIDAL SHOWER!

Baby shower, totally fine! Shower in your honour, you go girlfriend! But otherwise, it's kind of tacky.

This dress is another example of lace and jean-jacket combo. I've paired it with two pairs of shoes (nicer wedges, and cool flats - both blue).

Because of the neckline and the simplicity of the dress, Rather than belt-up like with the pink dress, I chose a statement necklace that ties it all together.

Again, this outfit is a no-no for bridal showers where you're not the guest of honour, but pretty much a winner for any other spring event! Rock those whites, it's been such a long winter with dark colours and labour day is far away!

What's your favourite look to rock at a shower? Are you busy with showers and parties now that it's spring, or is your social calendar pretty clear? 

Whatever your answer, dust off those flats and pull out your dresses! Spring has Sprung and April Showers will be gone before you know it!

Bring on the May Flowers!