Monday, March 2, 2015

Anthropologie Spring Collection 2015

I received my marketing email from Anthropologie the other day, announcing their new arrivals for Spring 2015.

I have a bit of an... Anthropologie shopping habit. So I popped over to the website to look at the new arrivals. I like to build a good shopping cart online and then go to the store and try stuff on, just my thing.

I noticed some common threads through my online viewing, so here's what I seem to be interested for Spring 2015 fashion!

1) White Blouses

I think this is a product of being really tired of dark winter clothing... But the white blouses this year also seem to have a light and flowy feel! I'm particularly fond of the top-right, fit and flare blouse. 

2) Red/Orange Tops

I picked out these three tops with a reddish-burnt orange colour scheme. Usually these colours are seen more often in the fall, but I'm kind of loving them for spring. Again, everything has a nice loose and flowy feel, the bottom shirt is particularly great with the patterned front and solid back.

3) The Rogue Blue Top

This particular shirt was the outlier in the shopping cart... though it does kind of fit with the blue/white motif you'll see below.

I guess the main take away is, I love a gorgeous blue top. Especially this one.

4) Light-and-Blue Dresses, Skirts and Bottoms

Clearly I'm loving the light and blue colours for Spring and Summer. The pattern on the dress is stunning, and the cut of the shorts are beautiful. I think the white skirt, with the striped see-through top layer is my favourite though. It's just so classically beautiful, the kind of piece you could wear year after year.

5) Shoes!

Again, some blues and grays! I particularly love the flats on the right side. The D'Orsay ones and the gorgeous blue, pink and white printed ones.

That said I really like the grey booties with the colourful fold down top. I'm feeling like I need a cute pair of spring-time booties for walking about, and these are a top contender!

6) Spring and Summer Accessories

I love this collection of accessories. There were many others I really liked, but these were my favourites!

The two hats look like day-on-the-dock with a cocktail perfection! The white and blue stone necklace would compliment... almost everything I own.

The round sunglasses come in four different colours and are kind of fabulous. Can't you just see them for running about town?

The serveware set is just gorgeous. It's an outdoor set, and I really don't have much "outdoor" serving to do to speak of, but it would almost be worth buying it to use inside, or for future use. I mean, it's beautiful.

What's on your spring time shopping list? Are you window shopping as much as I am to ride out the winter blues? Do you also have a weird love for all things found at Anthropologie? I'd love to see some links to whatever you're coveting for the upcoming season!